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Google Voice vs. Dialpad

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    Dialpad vs. Google Voice – Which is Best for Your Business?

    Over the last decade, Unified Communications as a Service (or UCaaS) has become a formidable tool for businesses, enabling employees to communicate seamlessly. According to Statista, the global unified communications market grew by more than 29 percent in 2020 alone. 

    There are many options for UCaaS and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) today. At Brightlio, we regularly compare different technology solutions to enable you to make the best decision for your business. Today’s comparison is Dialpad vs. Google Voice. 

    Dialpad and Google Voice are great for UCaaS and VoIP functions, but they differ significantly. We have compared them in terms of pricing, features, integrations, platforms supported, customer support, call quality, and reliability. Please continue reading to see how Dialpad compares with Google Voice.

    Dialpad Rundown 

    DialpadΒ is an AI-supported unified communications platform that combines various features, including voice, video, instant messaging, and contact center. Dialpad’s native artificial intelligence capabilities are differentiators for the platform.

    Forbes recognizes Dialpad as their best VoIP service for AI in 2023. And popular software rating platform, G2, placed the tool at number 7 among the top collaboration and productivity products in 2022. 

    Dialpad has a wide range of services, including Ai sales and Ai contact center, all with their own pricing. However, their UCaaS and VoIP services are in the spotlight for this comparison with Google Voice. On Dialpad’s website, these UCaaS services are tagged “Business communications” or Dialpad Talk. And the solution focuses on three parts: Voice, meetings, and instant messaging, all supported by AI. 

    Google Voice Rundown

    Google Voice is an even simpler platform than Dialpad. The service allows you to set up a phone number via the internet. It could be an already-existing phone number or a new one. Google Voice works in about 14 countries (19, if you count the ones that require SIP links). 

    A great selling point for Google Voice is its free personal plan that allows calls within the US and from the US to Canada. Google also provides listed rates for calls made outside the US.

    Another salient feature of Google Voice is its Google Workspace integration. If you already use Google Workspace and G Suite tools like Google Meet, throwing Voice in the mix is seamless. It offers a user friendly interface, especially for customers familiar with Google’s products.

    Google Voice vs. Dialpad: Comparing Specific Features 

    Pricing and Service Tiers

    Cost is essential in deciding when picking a UCaaS solution. Comparing a product’s price and features can help determine the best value. When comparing Dialpad vs. Google Voice, which offers the best value for your business?

    Dialpad Plans and Pricing

    Dialpad is a popular Google Voice competitor. Dialpad allows you to choose from three options: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. We’ll examine Dialpad pricing and plan options here.

    Standard: This is Dialpad’s entry-level service tier. It costs $15/per month per user (annual billing) or $23/per month per user (monthly billing). 

    What features does the Standard plan come with? 

    • Unlimited phone calls
    • Web and chat support for 24 hours (the weekends excluded) 
    • Messaging, both SMS and MMS
    • Unlimited video chats
    • Third-party integrations to Google Workspace and Office 365
    • AI-supported call and voicemail transcriptions. 

    Pro: Dialpad’s middle-rung option costs $25/month per user (billed annually) or $35/month per user (billed monthly). Here’s what the tier provides you: 

    • Every feature in the Standard option above
    • Several phone numbers for each account
    • Ten office locations
    • Local number support in over 70 countries for international calls
    • Worldwide SMS reach
    • 25 ring groups 
    • Integration with CRM software such as Zendesk, Hubspot, and Salesforce. 
    • Agent support, 24/7
    • Open APIs and Webhooks

    Enterprise: Dialpad’s highest tier does not have a fixed price, so it’s best to contact Brightlio for a quote. Here’s a broad description of what you get when subscribing to Dialpad’s enterprise plan. 

    • Unlimited office locations 
    • 100% uptime
    • An infinite number of ring groups 
    • Azure AD SSO integration
    • Dial-by-extension
    • Integration with top SSO services, including OneLogin and Okta
    • Priority live agent support
    • Data retention policies
    • Priority live agent support

    Google Voice Pricing and Service Tiers

    Google voice is one of the popular Dialpad Talk alternatives. Voice offers a free plan, but it’s meant for personal rather than business use. Google Voice business plans – Starter, Standard, and Premier, are not free. Unlike Dialpad, Voice does not have an annual plan. All Google Voice plans are billed monthly.

    Here’s an overview of available Google Voice packages and their cost: 

    Starter: This plan costs $10/month per user, and these are the features it provides: 

    • A maximum of ten users
    • Up to ten domestic locations 
    • Unlimited text messaging in the US
    • And call forwarding services, among others.  

    Standard: The Standard plan improves on Starter by providing the following:

    • An unlimited number of users and domestic locations
    • SIP link 
    • Multi-level auto attendant 
    • Ring groups
    • Desk phone and ATA support 
    • eDiscovery for calls, voice mails, and text messaging records 
    • Ad-hoc user call recording

    The Standard plan provides all these at $20/month per user. 

    Premier: Google Voice’s Premier plan costs $30/month per user. Here are the features it has that the first two do not:  

    • An unlimited number of international locations
    • Advanced reporting (BigQuery) 
    • Automatic user call recording (instead of ad-hoc) 

    Google Voice plans are less expensive than Dialpad. Dialpad offers more features and integrations in their plans, however. Google Voice also lacks some of the CRM integrations provided by Dialpad.

    If your business doesn’t need these features, the more cost-effective option is a Google Voice account. Forbes recognizes Google Voice as the best mobile VoIP service for affordability in 2023. Most of our customers benefit from paying a bit more for Dialpad.


    Here’s a table indicating what software you can integrate with Google Voice and Dialpad. 

    SoftwareDialpad Integration?Google Voice Integration?
    All-in-One MessengerβŒβœ”οΈ
    Azure Active Directory βœ”οΈβŒ
    Google Driveβœ”οΈβŒ
    Google Workspaceβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
    Grasshopper ConnectβŒβœ”οΈ
    HappyFox Help Deskβœ”οΈβŒ
    HappyFox Chatβœ”οΈβŒ
    Hubspot CRMβœ”οΈβŒ
    Hubspot Marketing Hubβœ”οΈβŒ
    Imperium Sellβœ”οΈβŒ
    Microsoft 365βœ”οΈβŒ
    Salesboom CRMβŒβœ”οΈ
    Splunk On-CallβŒβœ”οΈ

    From the table above, Dialpad is compatible with many more solutions than Google Voice. So, if your business is large and you want to connect several solutions, Dialpad is a great Google Voice alternative. 

    To get many of these integrations with Dialpad, you must subscribe to either their Pro or Enterprise. Dialpad Standard is only compatible with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. 

    Platforms Supported 

    Business owners want a UCaaS/VoIP tool that can be used on as many devices as possible. This allows flexibility and sustainable connection as employees can communicate on the go. 

    Between Dialpad and Google Voice, which solution can be used on more devices? The table below answers the question. 

    Platforms SupportedDialpadGoogle Voice

    Google Voice is primarily web-based. Dialpad, on the other hand, provides a more comprehensive unified communications service. It integrates Voice, meetings, and instant messaging. As a result, the software offers more accessibility over a wide range of devices. 

    Customer Support

    When there is an issue with software tools that help you run your business, you need it fixed ASAP. That’s where customer support comes in. 

    There are several ways to get assistance in troubleshooting your issues. Let’s see how many of them Dialpad and Google Voice provide: 

    Customer SupportDialpadGoogle Voice 
    24/7 (Live Rep) βœ”οΈβŒ
    Email/Help Deskβœ”οΈβŒ
    Knowledge Baseβœ”οΈβŒ
    Phone Supportβœ”οΈβŒ

    Google Voice users mostly have to depend on FAQS and forums to get a fix to their problems. This may require reading through a lot of text. After all this, there’s still no guarantee that they’ll effectively troubleshoot the problem. 

    Conversely, Dialpad has a more reliable approach to customer support. Talking to a live rep means getting a faster, more accurate solution when you need help. Thanks to their use of AI technology, Dialpad has that and more. 

    Call Quality and Reliability

    The quality of an internet call is mainly dependent on your internet service provider. Both Dialpad and Google provide HD voice calls. However, customers are generally more satisfied with Dialpad’s quality over Google Voice.  

    Also, Google Voice’s lack of customer support makes it difficult for business users to get help with quality issues. Hence, user reviews about reliability and quality mostly favor Dialpad. 

    Wrapping Up

    So, we’ve compared Dialpad to Google Voice in terms of pricing and features, integrations, platforms supported, customer support, and call quality and reliability. After going through all that information, here’s what we know: 

    • Dialpad has more and better features, but Google Voice is more affordable
    • Dialpad is compatible with more third-party tools and offers more integrations than Google Voice
    • Dialpad is accessible on more devices 
    • More customer support options are provided with Dialpad over Google Voice.
    • When it comes to call quality and reliability, most users prefer Dialpad.

    Google Voice vs. Dialpad: What’s the Verdict?

    Google Voice is a great tool, but it may be better for personal users or businesses with very basic communications requirements. If you’re looking for more comprehensive UCaaS services, customer support, and integrations, Dialpad is the better choice. 

    Brightlio Can Help 

    Remember, your goals and needs matter when picking a UCaaS solution. At Brightlio, we can help you find the right cloud phone system or other technology solution for your needs and budget.

    We also provide other IT solutions in colocationcloudconnectivity, and advisory services. Contact us today!

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    What are the best Google Voice Alternatives? 

    If you are looking for services similar to Google Voice, Dialpad is a great alternative. Dialpad is one of the best Google Voice alternatives if you want more messaging and video calls, and AI transcription capabilities. Vonage is also a great alternative for and Microsoft Teams users. Ringcentral, Nextiva, 8×8, and Ooma are other examples of Google voice competitors which offer phone service and unified communications.

    Is Dialpad a Google company? 

    No, Dialpad is not a Google company. Dialpad makes its own business phone system. However, Dialpad and Google have a longstanding partnership as Dialpad was built on Google Cloud. Both companies even run marketing and sales plans together. 

    What Makes Dialpad Different?

    With AI-supported technology, Dialpad gives you HD voice calls, video conferencing, and messaging. Their customer service and integration possibilities are top-notch, making them one of the most sought-after UCaaS options. 

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