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Diapad UCaaS

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    Dialpad – Brightlio Partner Spotlight

    The Unified Communications Market continues to expand rapidly. The global market is expected to grow from $113.48 billion in 2022 to $417.86 billion by 2030, for a growth rate of 17.7%, according to Grand View Research. Much of this growth is attributed to the improvements in productivity and collaboration delivered by Unified Communications solutions like Dialpad.

    We’ll explore the benefits and features of Dialpad to see if unified communication or contact center solution from Dialpad might be right for you.

    What is Dialpad?

    Dialpad is a cloud-based communications platform that aims to change how the world works. Their Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform combines voice, messaging, and meetings into a single platform. They then layer on AI-enabled contact center features to provide a complete customer engagement suite.

    The company was named a Visionary in Gartner’s 2022 “Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service.” They boast over 7,000 customers serviced by their 1,000+ employees from 11 offices globally.

    Dialpad Logo

    Dialpad’s History

    Dialpad was founded in 2012 by CEO Craig Walker and was initially called UberConference. While the initial product was focused on conference call services, the company expanded its voice, video, collaboration, and messaging suite into a complete communications platform. At that point, the company rebranded as Dialpad.

    They acquired TalkIQ in 2018, which added AI voice transcription technology to the platform. AI transformed the company from a unified communications and contact center platform into an AI-enabled collaboration suite.

    Dialpad has raised $450 million in venture capital, including investments from Softbank, which puts its valuation at over $2 billion. They have used the funding to continue to innovate the platform and make strategic acquisitions, including Koopid, Kare Knowledgeware, Gluru, and Highfive.

    In January 2023, they raIsed another $50 million for research and development in automated and predictive AI technology.

    Dialpad Unified Communications as a Service

    Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a cloud communication platform for businesses that combines telephony, conferencing, unified messaging, instant messaging, mobility, and collaboration. UCaaS allows teams to communicate more efficiently by combining tools into a single, easy-to-use, cloud-based platform.

    Dialpad’s UCaaS suite combines calling, messaging, and meetings into a single AI-powered platform. It allows you to take calls on your desk, mobile, desktop, or any browser. Calls can be transitioned to voice or video meetings with the click of a button. Unlimited video meetings with up to 10 participants are included with the base platform.

    Additionally, their UCaaS platform layers on secure instant messaging and collaboration tools, making it a complete collaboration suite. They integrate with Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace for those that prefer these platforms.

    Their services are backed by their 100% uptime SLA for Enterprise users and 24/7 or 24/5 support options.

    Pricing Tiers

    Dialpad has three Unified Communications pricing tiers:  

    Dialpad Standard

    The Standard tier is Dialpad’s entry-level offering. It costs $15 per month billed annually, or $23 per month billed monthly. The Standard tier includes:

    • Unlimited calling, SMS, and MMS
    • AI-powered call and voice message transcriptions (This is a real differentiator in their product!)
    • Integration with M365 and Google Workspace
    • Unlimited video meetings
    • 24×5 web and chat support (Note: The standard tier does not provide phone support or support on weekends)

    Dialpad Pro

    The Pro tier is priced at $25 per month billed annually, or $35 per month billed monthly. It includes everything in the Standard tier plus:

    • Local number support in over 70 countries
    • Multiple phone numbers per account
    • 25 ring groups
    • Ten office locations
    • Global SMS capabilities
    • Integrations with CRMs, including Salesforce, Zendesk, HubSpot, Zoho, and more
    • Open APIs and webhooks
    • 24/7 support

    Dialpad Enterprise

    The Enterprise tier is a custom service, so you must request a quote for pricing. Enterprise includes the Pro features plus:

    • Unlimited office locations
    • Unlimited ring groups
    • Extension dialing
    • Integration with single sign-on solutions like Okta and OneLogin
    • Data retention
    • Priority live support

    For most of Brightlio’s clients, Pro is the best option. Integrating CRMs adds much value, as calls can be made and notes are logged in the CRM. Also, the upgrade to 24×7 live agent support is valuable. 

    Dialpad Meetings
    Dialpad Meetings

    Dialpad Contact Center as a Service

    If you need contact center features in addition to unified communications, Dialpad has you covered. Their Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform, called AI Contact Center, offers many advantages.

    First, it is a unified application. It provides a single platform for talking, messaging, meetings, and customer support. Customer conversations can also be escalated quickly from chat to meetings or phone calls, providing a superior customer service experience.

    Second, their AI integrations are leading the industry. AI transcribes customer conversations in real-time. It then analyzes the conversation for customer sentiment and provides real-time coaching to contact center team members.

    Finally, AI Contact Center provides excellent visibility and reporting. It integrates directly with applications like Salesforce and Zendesk to provide customer interaction visibility to all team members. It also includes customer satisfaction scores on all calls and predictive insights to improve customer satisfaction.

    Dialpad AI Enabled Contact Center Pricing Tiers

    Like their Enterprise UCaaS offering, Dialpad’s AI contact center is custom-priced. There are two plan tiers: Pro and Enterprise.

    Dialpad AI Contact Center Pro

    AI Contact Center Pro includes:

    • 25 hold queues
    • Multi-level auto attendant
    • Customer hold music
    • Automatic call queues
    • Manager alerts for SLAs and KPIs
    • AI-enabled customer sentiment tracking
    • Call monitoring features, including listen-in, barge, and take over
    • Advanced analytics and reporting
    • AI-enabled call transcription with automated post-call notes
    • Dialpad Meetings
    • Integration with Salesforce and Zendesk
    • Security features, including HIPAA and BAA compliance
    • Toll-free number support in the United States and Canada
    • 24/7 multilingual support

    Dialpad AI Contact Center Enterprise

    AI Contact Center Enterprise includes all the features of Pro, plus:

    • Unlimited hold queues expanded from 25
    • Custom call queues
    • Custom analytics and reporting

    Dialpad AI Sales

    An additional add-on to the UCaaS and CCaaS offerings is AI Sales. AI Sales is a sales outreach tool that combines an outbound dialer with AI coaching tools and CRM integrations. It allows your team to make unlimited calls, send unlimited text messages, and drop automatic voice messages.

    It also includes built-in AI sales analytics. Their analytics offers features like sales rep leaderboards, call monitoring, sales coaching, and manager alerts.

    AI Sales is custom quoted and comes in Pro and Enterprise tiers. The Pro tier starts with as few as three licenses and offers a robust feature set. The Enterprise tier requires a 100 license minimum but adds on custom reporting, APIs, and 247x support.

    Dialpad AI Contact Center
    Dialpad AI Contact Center Assist

    Dialpad Analytics

    Dialpad comes with a great call analytics engine. Analytics tracks call volume over time, and by agent. It also provides heat maps that show call volume patterns and average speed to answer. The real-time transcription combines with artificial intelligence to track customer sentiment. This allows you to track customer satisfaction and enables coaching opportunities.

    Dialpad Integrations

    One of the most significant advantages of using Dialpad is the large number of integrations available on the Pro and Enterprise tiers. 

    If you have the Pro plan, you can access integrations with Microsoft Teams, HubSpot, ServiceNow, Zapier, Zendesk, Slack, and Salesforce. These integration options are essential to most businesses as they greatly improve your experience.

    Here’s more information about some of the more popular integrations:

    Dialpad HubSpot Integration

    Dialpad and HubSpot work exceptionally well together. When you integrate Dialpad with HubSpot, you automatically display contact profiles and create new contacts. Additionally, all activity logging is automatically, including call transcription, notes, and voicemails.

    With the Hubspot integration, you can directly schedule meetings using Dialpad. You can also add a Dialpad Meetings link to HubSpot’s meeting tool. This feature automatically lets anyone who clicks on the link receive all meeting details.

    Dialpad Zendesk Integration

    Integration with Zendesk is another strength of the platform. Through the Zendesk integration, you place calls directly in Zendesk, with no additional applications needed.

    Zendesk will automatically turn calls and voicemails into tickets. Ticket history can be viewed inside Dialpad, and tickets can be created in Zendesk from Dialpad’s apps.

    Dialpad Zoho Integration

    The Zoho integration ties Zoho’s CRM with Dialpad’s UCaaS and CCaaS platforms. Zoho is one of the few integrations available for both the Standard and Pro service tiers. You can match your Dialpad contacts to your Zoho CRM records through integration. Additionally, you can log calls with Zoho and create new Zoho CRM leads. 

    Dialpad with Pipedrive

    Dialpad does not have native integration with Pipedrive. The Pipedrive integration is reliant on Zapier. With Zapier, you can send info between Dialpad and Pipedrive automatically. 

    Dialpad Compatible Phones

    Dialpad is compatible with desk phones from Polycom, Obihai, and Yealink. If you already have these phones installed, you can transition to Dialpad without purchasing new desk phones.

    A complete list of compatible phones is available on their website.

    Dialpad Competitors

    The UCaaS market is a crowded space, so Dialpad has many competitors. RingCentral is the market share leader in UCaaS and offers a compelling solution.

    We like Dialpad for small and medium-sized businesses due to its robust feature set and competitive pricing. Dialpad is not available in all countries, so RingCentral may better serve some global companies. For a more detailed comparison, check out Brightlio’s article “Dialpad vs. Ringcentral: Which is Right for You.”

    Other significant Dialpad competitors include Vonage, 8×8, Nextiva, Zoom, and Microsoft.

    Bottom Line

    Dialpad is a leading provider of UCaaS and CCaaS technology. Their leadership position in artificial intelligence, robust feature set and plentiful technology integration partners make them an excellent fit for most businesses.

    Why Brightlio for Dialpad?

    Brightlio is a Dialpad partner and telecommunications broker. We have expertise in Dialpad’s solutions and can help you pick the service offering that is right for you. If you want to learn more, we can arrange a demonstration followed by a 14-day free trial.

    Brightlio also partners with other leaders in the UCaaS space, including Vonage, RingCentral, and 8×8, so we can provide multiple options.

    In addition to unified communications, we offer network connectivity, SD-WAN, colocation, and cloud solutions. This enables us to provide a complete technology solution for your business. Get started with Brightlio today!

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