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Calgary data center

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    Calgary Data Centers: The Rising Star of North America’s Market

    As businesses increasingly depend on digital infrastructure, the choice of location for data centers becomes critical. Calgary, traditionally known for its oil and energy sectors, is now gaining prominence as a significant player in the North American data center market. Located in Alberta, a province known for its stable economy and favorable business environment, Calgary is swiftly becoming a preferred choice for new data centers. This is thanks to its strategic advantages, recent developments, and growing industry support. Keep reading to find out if a Calgary data center is right for your colocation needs.

    Calgary colocation

    Abundant and Affordable Energy

    Calgary’s attractive mix of abundant and cost-effective energy is essential for the power-hungry data center industry. This is demonstrated by significant investments from major players like Amazon Web Services (AWS), which recently launched its second Canadian infrastructure region in Calgary. The AWS Canada West (Calgary) Region underscores the area’s capacity to support large-scale, energy-intensive operations. AWS plans to invest approximately CA $24.8 billion in its infrastructure in Canada through 2037. This is expected to add significantly to the local economy and create thousands of jobs​.

    This substantial investment by AWS not only highlights Calgary’s role as a key player in the North American data center market. It also showcases the availability of affordable and sustainable energy resources, crucial for running extensive data operations. The focus on renewable energy and the significant scale of the investment underscores the city’s appeal as a location that provides both economic and environmental benefits. This makes Calgary a prime choice for sustainable data center operations.

    A Climate That Cuts Costs

    Calgary’s cooler climate offers significant benefits for colocation customers, especially in terms of cost savings and environmental sustainability. In data centers, cooling systems typically consume 30% to 55% of total energy usage. In cooler climates like Calgary’s, this demand can be substantially reduced​.

    For colocation customers, the utilization of free cooling — using the naturally cool external air to help regulate temperatures inside data centers — becomes a key advantage. This approach significantly decreases the reliance on energy-intensive cooling technologies, such as Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units, leading to lower energy bills and reduced operational costs​.

    Moreover, the strategic choice of cooler locations like Calgary for colocation services translates into lower capital expenditures on cooling infrastructure. Data centers in such climates can leverage the ambient temperatures to maintain optimal server conditions, thereby avoiding the high costs associated with installing and maintaining traditional cooling systems​.

    The energy efficiency gained through natural cooling contributes to a smaller carbon footprint. This aligns with the growing demand for environmentally responsible data hosting solutions. This makes Calgary an attractive option for colocation services, offering both economic and environmental value.

    Calgary data centers

    Stable and Secure

    Calgary’s geographical stability is a significant advantage for data center operations. This particularly true in terms of reducing the risk associated with natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, or hurricanes. This stability is crucial for ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the digital services supported by data centers. The absence of significant seismic activity and other disaster risks means that data centers in Calgary can avoid costly downtime that might affect facilities in more volatile regions like Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, or Miami.

    For companies seeking reliable data hosting services, Alberta, Canada offers a safer investment. The predictable conditions allow for better long-term planning and risk management in terms of physical data security and operational reliability. This stability is a cornerstone for data centers that need to guarantee service availability and performance to their clients. Moreover, Calgary’s risk profile enhances its appeal as a site for both primary data centers and disaster recovery sites.

    Strategically Located

    While not immediately adjacent to Canada’s largest economic centers like Toronto and Vancouver, Calgary is still an excellent location for serving customers across North America. The city’s position in Western Canada makes it a pivotal hub for data traffic flowing to and from the Pacific Northwest and locations further south, such as Seattle and even Silicon Valley.

    The recent expansion by eStruxture, which added its second and largest data center in Calgary, highlights the city’s growing importance in the Canadian data center landscape. This facility, the largest in the area, specifically accommodates high-capacity needs. This reflects the increasing demand from a variety of industries, including energy, technology, and telecommunications. The presence of such a facility underscores Calgary’s ability to support substantial digital infrastructure requirements, reinforcing its strategic value​.

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    Data Centers We Recommend in Calgary

    Below are a couple of Calgary data center providers we recommend. For Calgary colocation pricing, contact Brightlio.


    Equinix operates three data centers in Calgary (CL1 – CL3). They offer robust services tailored to meet the needs of a variety of business sectors. Here are a few key benefits:

    • Global Connectivity: Equinix provides direct connectivity to major network and cloud service providers, enhancing global reach and network reliability.
    • Rich Ecosystem: Being part of Equinix’s data centers allows businesses to connect with a rich ecosystem of partners, customers, and potential collaborators.
    • Advanced Security: Equinix data centers are equipped with state-of-the-art security measures, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and IT infrastructure.
    • Scalability: Facilities are designed to scale, accommodating growing businesses that need to expand their IT footprint efficiently.


    eStruxture recently expanded its presence in Calgary with the opening of a second data center, reflecting its commitment to the region and its growth in the Canadian market. Here are some advantages:

    • High Capacity: eStruxture’s facilities are designed to support high-capacity needs, making them suitable for large enterprises and high-demand services.
    • Sustainability: The company emphasizes green energy practices, utilizing technologies like water-less, free-cooling systems to lower the environmental impact.
    • Reliability: With fully-diverse connectivity and redundancy systems, eStruxture ensures high reliability and uptime for its customers’ critical operations.
    • Local and International Reach: While providing local businesses with critical infrastructure, eStruxture also connects them to global markets through its extensive network.

    These data center providers in Calgary offer robust solutions that can help businesses enhance their operational efficiency, security, and connectivity.

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