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Vancouver data center

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    Vancouver Data Centers: Colocation in the Pacific Northwest

    Vancouver, British Columbia, is Canada’s third largest city, with over 2 million residents. A Vancouver data center offers a strategic advantage for businesses and tech enterprises, thanks to the city’s advanced infrastructure, stable climate, and favorable regulatory environment. These factors contribute to a reliable and sustainable data center ecosystem, attracting local and international companies seeking robust hosting solutions. With an emphasis on green energy and low disaster risk, Vancouver data centers are increasingly becoming a popular choice for businesses aiming for efficiency and sustainability in their IT operations.

    Vancouver Data Center

    Vancouver is a Connectivity Hub

    One of the key advantages of Vancouver data centers is their robust connectivity and advanced infrastructure. The city’s geographic location on the west coast of Canada provides a strategic advantage for intercontinental data transfer, particularly toward Asia. This strategic location makes downtown Vancouver a favored hub for cloud and content providers.

    Customers can capitalize on the opportunity to integrate with a bustling community inside Equinix’s Vancouver facility. This integration allows businesses to connect with financial, content, and cloud service providers.

    Cologix’s offers five Vancouver data centers. They offer connectivity to over 50 unique networks, including direct access to the Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX). Cologix’s VAN3, the largest neutral data center, showcases the importance of scalability, being rewired for immediate connectivity to various carrier hotels via an extensive metro fiber network. 

    Direct access, which is crucial for efficient data transport, plays a pivotal role in achieving low latency network connectivity. Businesses utilizing direct connections can experience a significant reduction in latency, on average by 44%, compared to using the public Internet. Moreover, major cloud providers are readily accessible through Vancouver’s VAN3 Data Center, offering direct onramps to services such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute.

    Finally, the Topaz subsea cable connects Vancouver to Shima and Takahagi, Japan. This makes a Vancouver data center an optical location to service the world’s third largest economy from North America.

    Vancouver Data Centers

    Vancouver Has a Favorable Climate

    Vancouver data centers benefit from a strategic geographic location and a favorable environmental profile, which contribute to their growing appeal among businesses and tech companies. Vancouver’s mild and temperate climate plays a significant role in reducing energy costs for data center operations. The cooler temperatures help minimize the need for extensive cooling systems, allowing data centers to operate more efficiently.

    In addition, the data centers are certified to meet global environmental and energy management standards, ensuring their commitment to sustainability. For instance, the Cologix VAN2 data center utilizes advanced ‘free cooling’ solutions and efficient heat management for sustainable operations.

    Another advantage of Vancouver’s location is its low susceptibility to natural disasters. While some regions are prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, or floods, Vancouver experiences fewer environmental risks. This stability is crucial for data centers, as it reduces the likelihood of service interruptions and provides businesses with greater peace of mind regarding their data’s safety.

    Canada Offers a Favorable Regulatory Landscape

    Vancouver data centers benefit from Canada’s robust regulatory framework and stringent security measures. These factors contribute to the overall safety and reliability of data operations, making Vancouver a trusted location for hosting critical business data.

    Canada has established strong data protection laws, such as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), which governs how personal information is collected, used, and disclosed by businesses. Vancouver data centers are subject to these regulations, providing a secure environment for companies to store sensitive data. The stringent data protection policies offer a high level of privacy, attracting businesses from industries that require strict compliance with data protection standards.

    The regulatory environment in Vancouver supports the tech industry through government initiatives and incentives. These programs encourage innovation and create a conducive atmosphere for tech companies to establish operations in the city. Local authorities also collaborate with tech enterprises to ensure that regulations align with industry needs, fostering a supportive ecosystem for data centers and their clients.

    With a secure and supportive regulatory framework, Vancouver data centers are well-equipped to meet the demands of businesses seeking reliable, compliant, and secure data solutions.

    Vancouver colocation

    Vancouver Data Centers We Recommend

    Below are a few Vancouver data center options we recommend. For Vancouver colocation pricing, contact Brightlio.


    Cologix has five Vancouver data centers (VAN1 – VAN5). They combine to offer 135,000 square feet of data center space. This includes 20,000 feet of space in Harbour Centre, Vancouver’s primary carrier hotel.

    Why we recommend Cologix:

    • Five data center locations in the region mean they offer plenty of space and power options.
    • Direct access to cloud providers, including AWS, Google, IBM, and Azure.
    • The data centers meet multiple compliance frameworks, including SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.
    • Cologix has a strong footprint of North American data centers, including in markets like Montreal, Toronto, Northern Virginia, Minneapolis, and Dallas, making them a great fit for a North American data center strategy.


    Equinix’s VA-1 data center is located in nearby Burnaby, Canada. The data center is a destination for international content and cloud service providers.

    Why we recommend Equinix:

    • Equinix is one of the largest colocation providers globally with data centers meeting the highest redundancy standards.
    • Connectivity to major cloud providers, as well as Equinix’s global network of data centers.
    • It is an ideal location for customers who want to connect to other Equinix sites in Western North America, including Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Los Angeles.
    Data centers in Vancouver

    Brightlio Delivers Vancouver Data Center Solutions!

    If you are looking for a Vancouver data center, Brightlio can help. As a telecommunications broker, we leverage our network of global colocation partners to deliver data center solutions for almost any need or budget. Additionally, we offer cloud, connectivity, unified communications, value-added resale, and advisory services, making us a fit for almost any technology need.

    Brightlio is committed to being your must trusted and responsive technology partner. Get started today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are Vancouver colocation services?

    Vancouver colocation services offer secure and reliable digital infrastructure for businesses, providing a platform for growth and partnership.

    What are the strategic advantages of Vancouver data centers?

    Vancouver’s strategic location and robust infrastructure make it an ideal hub for data centers, connecting Western Canada with the U.S. Pacific Northwest, offering valuable connectivity and access to a wide market.

    What role do unique networks play in Vancouver colocation facilities?

    Unique networks in Vancouver’s colocation facilities offer businesses a competitive advantage and access to essential markets. This can be pivotal for businesses looking to thrive and expand.

    How do Vancouver data centers ensure sustainable and secure operations?

    Vancouver data centers ensure sustainable and secure operations through green initiatives, advanced technologies, and compliance with global standards. This ensures that the data centers are environmentally friendly and meet security requirements.

    How can businesses evaluate the capabilities of Vancouver colocation providers?

    To evaluate the capabilities of Vancouver colocation providers, businesses should consider their services, scalability, customer support, and customer experiences. These factors will help in making an informed decision.

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