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    Milwaukee Colocation: Data Centers in the Brew City

    Milwaukee, once the crown jewel of America’s brewing scene, is now pouring its expertise into a fresh venture: data center colocation. This iconic beer capital is redefining its legacy, turning its attention to numerous data center potentials. Milwaukee colocation offers numerous benefits, including low energy costs, excellent connectivity, and an advantageous climate.

    Join us as we explore how Milwaukee is crafting a new reputation in the colocation space, making it an ideal spot for data centers.

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    Milwaukee’s Geographic Advantage

    Milwaukee’s geographic location is a significant asset for businesses considering colocation services. Nestled on the western shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is strategically positioned at the crossroads of major Midwest markets. This prime location offers unparalleled benefits for businesses seeking efficient and reliable colocation services.

    Firstly, Milwaukee’s proximity to major urban centers, especially Chicago, provides a critical connectivity advantage. This nearness to one of the nation’s largest data hubs reduces latency, a crucial factor for businesses that depend on high-speed data transmission and real-time processing. For companies catering to a Midwest customer base, this means faster access to data and applications, leading to improved customer experiences and operational efficiency.

    Moreover, being in the heart of the Midwest, Milwaukee serves as a gateway to a wide regional market. The region boasts important markets, including Columbus, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Detroit, Minneapolis, and Kansas City. Businesses with a data center in Milwaukee can serve customers locally and across the broader Midwest region. This geographical benefit is especially valuable for businesses looking to expand their footprint and tap into new markets without needing a physical presence in each location.

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    Milwaukee Offers a Suitable Climate

    Milwaukee’s climate, characterized by its cool weather for a significant part of the year, presents a distinct advantage for colocation data centers. Cooling is one of the primary energy demands in such facilities, as servers and networking equipment generate substantial heat and require a controlled environment to operate efficiently and reliably. The cooler temperatures in Milwaukee naturally assist in regulating the temperature of these data centers, reducing the need for extensive artificial cooling. This natural cooling effect leads to significant energy savings and enhances the overall efficiency of data center operations.

    Milwaukee’s geographical positioning affords it a notable advantage regarding natural disaster risk. Unlike many other regions, Milwaukee is situated in an area that experiences relatively low incidences of major natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or significant flooding. This reduced risk is a crucial consideration for businesses when selecting a colocation site, as the stability and safety of their data is paramount.

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    Milwaukee Has Low Energy Costs

    Milwaukee typically benefits from relatively low energy costs, especially compared to larger metropolitan areas in the United States. This is partly due to Wisconsin’s diverse energy mix, which includes nuclear power, natural gas, and coal, and increasing investments in renewable energy sources like wind and solar power. The state’s efforts to diversify and modernize its energy sources have contributed to more stable and competitive energy pricing.

    Lower energy costs can be a significant advantage for businesses looking into colocation services. Data centers consume substantial energy for powering servers and ensuring effective cooling systems. Lower energy costs in Milwaukee can thus translate into more cost-effective operations for data centers, which can then pass these savings on to their clients through lower service costs.

    Moreover, the trend towards sustainability and using renewable energy sources is increasingly important for businesses. Milwaukee’s progress in this area helps reduce operational costs and aligns with the growing corporate focus on environmental responsibility and sustainable practices.

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    Milwaukee Boasts of Fiber Networks and Connectivity

    Milwaukee’s advanced networking infrastructure significantly enhances its value for colocation services. The city has a dense array of high-capacity fiber-optic cables, ensuring high-speed and reliable data transmission. Its geographical advantage in the Midwest also establishes Milwaukee as a key connectivity node to other major cities, offering businesses low-latency and high-bandwidth connections vital for modern operations.

    The city’s competitive edge is further sharpened by diverse internet service providers (ISPs) and carriers, fostering a competitive market that benefits businesses with varied and cost-effective connectivity options. These range from dedicated private lines to scalable cloud services catering to specific organizational needs.

    The Milwaukee Internet Exchange (MKEIX) facilitates data center connectivity in the city. The exchange offers two points of interconnection. Gig fiber ports are available at no charge. The Wells Building, now owned by 1547 Data Center Realty, also provides for a leading carrier-neutral hub in the market. This carrier hotel boasts 165,000 square feet of space and is home to 25 network providers.

    Milwaukee is a Growing Tech Hub

    Milwaukee is establishing itself as a dynamic tech hub, significantly bolstering its attractiveness for colocation services. The area boasts 2,000 tech companies and more than 80,000 tech jobs, according to MKE Tech. This upswing is fueled by a burgeoning tech workforce, increased investments in startups, and a nurturing environment for innovation.

    For colocation services, this vibrant tech scene spells increased demand. Data centers in Milwaukee are primed to meet these needs with advanced facilities and services tailored for tech-centric businesses. The thriving tech environment also promotes collaboration and innovation, making Milwaukee an increasingly appealing choice for businesses seeking top-quality colocation services in an advancing, tech-centric urban setting.

    Leading Data Centers in Milwaukee

    If you are considering Milwaukee colocation pricing, here are a few providers Brightlio recommends:


    TierPoint’s Milwaukee Data Center, strategically located at 3701 W. Burnham Street, Milwaukee, WI, is the ideal central hub for businesses. With thousands of clients and a robust network of data centers and cloud pods coast to coast, TierPoint provides a comprehensive suite of IT services. This facility offers ample space and diverse connectivity options.

    Why we like Tierpoint:

    • The facility is within a half day’s drive of major Midwest cities, such as Chicago, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and St. Louis.

    • Reliable infrastructure ensures uptime.

    • Round-the-clock security measures.

    • They are ISO 27001 certified, registered for ITAR and EU-US Privacy Shield, and strictly adhere to annual industry audits.

    1547 Realty 

    This Milwaukee carrier hotel, located in a 15-story, 160,000 sq. ft. building, is a premier data center in the Midwest. It offers convenient access to downtown Milwaukee, boasts impressive network density, and many amenities.

    Why we like 1547:

    • One of the most network-dense carrier hotel data centers in the Midwest.

    • Situated in downtown Milwaukee with easy access to public transit.

    • Offers multiple floor plates, turnkey suites, and colocation cabinet space.

    • High critical power capacity and efficient cooling systems.

    • Energy-efficient design elements, including large daylighting windows and a closed-loop cooling system.

    US Signal

    Located 80 miles away in Madison, Wisconsin, US Signal’s data center is a great option in the region.

    Why we like US Signal:

    • Flexible space and power options from partial rack up to private cage.

    • Connectivity to US Signals’ other Midwest data center locations over their 9,500 mile private fiber network.

    • With other data center facilities in Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois, US Signal is a great parter for a regional colocation strategy or disaster recovery site.

    Data Holdings Milwaukee 

    Data Holdings, nestled on Milwaukee’s near west side at 3135 W. Highland Blvd., is a cutting-edge Tier III+ carrier-neutral data center. Commissioned in 2014 and purpose-built, this state-of-the-art greenfield facility brings mission-critical technology, security, reliability, and affordability to Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

    Why we like Data Holdings:

    • Outstanding 1.28 Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) rating, minimizing operational costs.

    • Rack power density of up to 30kW per cabinet allows long-term planning.

    • They ensure reliability with 100% 2N (concurrent) power feeds and backup generators.

    • Compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOC2 Type II standards instills trust for sensitive data.

    • Advanced physical security measures, on-site staff, gated entrances, and perimeter fencing for utmost protection.

    Brightlio Delivers Colocation Solutions in Milwaukee

    Are you looking for a Milwaukee data center? Turn to Brightlio, your premier telecommunications and colocation broker. Leveraging our global network of data center partners, colocation solutions customized to meet your needs and budget. Our services range from partial rack colocation to racks and private data center cages.

    But our expertise doesn’t stop there. We excel in cloud services, network connectivity, unified communications, and expert advisory services. With Brightlio, you’re not just getting a service—you’re getting a comprehensive technology partner committed to propelling your business forward.

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