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Detroit Data Center colocation

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    Detroit Data Centers: Driving the Future of Colocation

    Long the global nexus of the automotive industry, Detroit is now a growing technology hub. The Detroit data center market merges the city’s industrial roots with a modern tech-driven pulse. Detroit’s strategic advantages in connectivity, cost-efficiency, and geography make it an ideal market for colocation services. 

    Join us as we explore the many benefits of Detroit colocation!

    Detroit Has a Growing Data Center Market 

    The growing Detroit data center market reflects the shift towards a tech renaissance in the city. According to Data Center Map, Detroit currently boasts 25 data centers. Key players in the city include US Signal, OX, Lumen, 365 Data Centers, EdgeConneX, and 123 Net. The State of Michigan boasts a total of 50 colocation facilities. Other critical colocation markets in the state include Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Battle Creek.

    Detroit ranks as the #3 metro for tech talent quality and affordability. The continuous investments, notably Amazon’s tech hub expansion and the inauguration of the new Microsoft Technology Center, further spotlight Detroit’s ascent on the tech stage.

    But what does this mean for the data center and server colocation markets? The increasing influx of tech businesses creates a domino effect, fortifying the local digital infrastructure. Additionally, greater affordability in technology talent drives down colocation pricing in Detroit.

    Detroit Provides Regional and International Connectivity

    Detroit’s geographic location bridges the gap between the eastern and central United States, making it a prime choice for regional connectivity. Colocation space in Michigan provides a company low-latency access to key US markets, including Pittsburgh, Columbus, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Chicago, and Milwaukee. Also, the city is close to Toronto, Canada’s largest city and a key global financial hub.

    123Net is expanding regional connectivity by building a fiber internet cable under Lake Michigan. It will connect the global carrier hotel at 350 E Cermak Road in Chicago. Once complete, it will strengthen the appeal of Michigan’s data center market by providing low latency connectivity to major markets.

    The City of Detroit is committed to expanding internet connectivity in the region. The city plans to spend $45 million to bridge the digital divide. The goal of the initiative is to become “one of the most connected cities in America.”

    Finally, Detroit’s largest real estate developer, Bedrock, announced a partnership with Raeden to bring the first carrier hotel to downtown Detroit. Located at 615 West Lafayette, the 0.4 megawatt facility will provide provide companies with faster and more robust internet connectivity services. Also, the data center will leverage Bedrock’s connectivity to over 100 buildings downtown to deliver reliable network access.

    Detroit Enjoys Reduced Natural Disaster Risk

    Detroit’s geographical location offers data centers a distinct advantage, shielding them from severe natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. This protection ensures consistent operations, minimizing disruptions, potential infrastructure damage, and the threat of significant data loss. The city’s reduced disaster risk may also lead to more favorable insurance premiums, providing financial and operational stability.

    Additionally, with an average yearly temperature of 50°F, a cooler climate is a boon for Michigan colocation facilities. Cooling is a significant operational expense for data centers, and the city’s colder temperatures naturally help reduce these costs. The cooler climate helps deliver lower Michigan colocation prices.

    Leading Detroit Data Center Options

    When considering Detroit for your colocation needs, it’s essential to consider the best providers to ensure optimal services and support. Below are a few options Brightlio recommends:

    US Signal

    US Signal is a leading provider of colocation services in the Midwest with facilities in Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Their Michigan colocation facilities are located in Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Southfield. Their Detroit Metro Data Center site features 25,000 square feet of space near the airport.

    Why we like US Signal:

    • The site meets compliance standards, including HIPAA, PCI, and SSAE 18.

    • Partial rack colocation space packages available including half cabinets.

    • 24×7 security and remote hands support.

    • In addition to colocation space, US Signal offers managed IT and enterprise cloud solutions.

    • 99.995% uptime SLA.


    Formally known as Online Tech, Otava’s Michigan Data Center was initially built for General Motors. Recognized for its advanced data center capabilities, Otava is known for delivering secure enterprise-class cloud hosting, colocation, cloud backup, and disaster recovery services. 

    The facility is committed to security and reliability and adheres to multiple compliance standards such as HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, SSAE18, and PCI-DSS. The company’s facility boasts a substantial physical footprint, with a 32,500 square feet of data center space. Otava’s rich history and technical prowess make it a preferred choice for a wide range of IT services in the Midwest.

    Why we like the Otava Data Center:

    • Otava’s carrier-neutral stance ensures seamless and uninterrupted connectivity. 

    • Located at the pivotal intersection of the I-69 and I-75 corridors, the Otava data center is uniquely positioned for accessibility and connectivity.

    • With data centers in multiple locations like Indianapolis and Virginia, they can boast of advanced disaster recovery solutions to ensure business continuity.

    • Otava offers single server colocation and half cabinets for clients that need less than a full rack.

    • They offer a wealth of other solutions including manager cloud, managed security, backup, data protection, and disaster recovery.


    The EdgeConneX Detroit Data Center stands out for its purpose-built design, Tier 3 standards, secure colocation facility, proximity to other sites, partnership with Packet, and comprehensive data center services. These factors make it an attractive choice for businesses needing reliable and secure data center solutions in Detroit.

    The facility spans 39,900 sq ft., with 9,930 sq ft. allocated for tenant racks. It’s located 18 miles from downtown Detroit and 22 miles from Detroit International Airport. This carrier-neutral center collaborates with local network and cable operators to guarantee swift content delivery routes. 

    Why we recommend EdgeConneX data centers:

    • EdgeConneX has partnered with Packet to bring the Edge Cloud platform and the Sprint Curiosity™ IoT platform to the data center, facilitating Industry 4.0 initiatives in Detroit.

    •  EdgeConneX offers a range of data center services, including colocation services, to meet the needs of various customers.

    • The data center follows Tier 3 standards, which means it has redundant components and multiple power and cooling systems to ensure high availability and uptime.

    • The data center provides a secure environment for colocation, ensuring the safety and protection of customers’ data.


    Spanning over 80,000 sq ft., 123Net data center boasts a vast expanse of data center space. Their expansive colocation space ensures that businesses have ample options for data hosting, backed by a dedicated substation for high-capacity power and cooling. As a result, it is easy to cater to various business sizes and requirements.

    Additionally, the impressive list of partners, including Ford Motors and the University of Michigan, lends further credibility to their quality of service.

    Why we like 123NetData Centers:

    • As a carrier-neutral facility, they allow high-speed connections between businesses, internet providers, and carriers.

    • Cabinet, cage, and custom suite options give customers numerous size, security, and power configurations.

    • Advanced security measures ensure the utmost protection for crucial infrastructure.

    • Their Detroit data center is SSAE 18 SOC 1 & SOC 2, HIPAA, and PCI DSS compliant, strongly emphasizing security and reliability.

    • They guarantee 100% uptime service level agreement and a 24×7 smart hands support team, underscoring their commitment to continuity and performance.

    • With a direct connection to the Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-IX), 123Net offers fast, unlimited data transfer and lower latency.

    • The company has a focus on Michigan with sites located in Detroit, Southfield, and Grand Rapids

    Brightlio Delivers Solutions for Data Centers in Detroit

    For enterprises seeking colocation options in Detroit, Brightlio’s team of data center consultants can assist in picking the optimal connectivity solution for your requirements. As a leading telecommunications and colocation broker, we understand the demands of the industry.  Whether you need single-server colocation, a half rack, cabinet, cage, or suite, we have access to providers that will exceed your expectations.

    In addition to colocation, we offer cloud solutionsunified communications, dedicated servers, and robust network connectivity. With Brightlio, you gain comprehensive colocation solutions to propel your business forward. We are committed to becoming your most trusted and responsive technology partner.

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