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Los Angeles Colocation

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    Los Angeles Colocation: Leading the Way in Data Center Services

    The world is increasingly data-driven. Statista predicts data creation will have grown by over 180 zettabytes by 2025. The growth in the importance and scale of data makes data center services more critical. Los Angeles colocation data center services are leading the way by empowering our digital world.

    Los Angeles, California is one of the world’s most technologically advanced cities. It has been a mecca for data center services since the early days of the internet. With its wealth of colocation data centers and connectivity options, you can find an enterprise colocation center that meets your business’s needs and budget in Los Angeles.

    Here are six of the most compelling reasons to select Los Angeles data centers for your colocation needs.

    Los Angeles Connects You to the World

    Los Angeles has been a hub for international network connectivity for data centers since the early 1990s. One Wilshire is a major telecommunications hub located at 624 S. Grand Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles. It has been called “the most highly connected internet point in the western U.S.” It has one of the world’s most densely populated meet-me rooms with over 260 internet service providers. One Wilshire also provides low-latency access to cloud service providers, including AWS and Microsoft Azure.

    One Wilshire is not the only carrier hotel in Los Angeles. There are also major internet connectivity hubs at:

    • Digital Realty’s site at 600 West 7th Street, Los Angeles
    • Equinix’s site at 818 West 7th Street, Los Angeles
    • Rising Realty’s site at 1200 West 7th Street, Los Angeles
    • Digital Realty’s site at 200 North Nash Street, El Segundo

    Undersea Internet Cables

    Additionally, the Greater LA area is home to some of the most mission critical undersea internet networks connecting the United States to Latin America, South America, and Asia. The Grover Beach Cable Landing Station in San Luis Obispo is an important fiber optic cable hub. It connects the U.S. to Japan via the PC-1 Network. PC-1 forms a protected ring and offers “the highest reliability and lowest latency across the Pacific.”

    Grover Beach also connects the U.S. to the Pan-American Crossing submarine cable network that connects the U.S. to Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama. The CAP-1 cable, a joint venture between Amazon and Facebook, will connect Southern California to The Philippines, increasing the region’s importance as a global internet connection hub.

    Other crucial international fiber routes terminating in Los Angeles include:

    • The Google-owned Curie subsea cable connecting Los Angeles to Panama and Chile. Curie provides 72 Tbps of high speed bandwidth over a 10,500-kilometer path.
    • The Southern Cross NEXT cable system connects Los Angeles to the Pacific Rim via Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tokelau, and Kiribati.

    With these critical international network connectivity points and more, Los Angeles has solidified itself as a global leader in international internet connectivity infrastructure. If your business wants to serve these markets, Los Angeles is an ideal location for your data center.

    Los Angeles Offers Low-Latency Connectivity to Strategic U.S. Markets

    In addition to the fantastic international connectivity options in Los Angeles, it is also an excellent hub for servicing strategic U.S. markets. Los Angeles is close to west coast markets including SacramentoSan DiegoIrvine, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Portland, and Seattle. It is also close to other major data center markets like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, and Salt Lake City.

    As curated by WonderNetwork, below is a table detailing the distances between LA and these cities and the average time it takes between request and response: 

    The distances between LA and these cities and the average time it takes between request and response: 

    CityDistanceAverageminmaxLast checked
    Las Vegas360km8.81ms8.58ms9.29ms2023-01-08 17:25:04
    Salt Lake City932km16.22ms15.66ms19.82ms2023-01-08 17:39:43
    San Diego179km4.55ms3.93ms5.54ms2023-01-08 17:40:09
    San Francisco559km10.22ms9.80ms10.80ms2023-01-08 17:40:21
    Latency from Los Angeles to Other Markets

    By procuring a Los Angeles data center, you get low-latency, direct access to some of the most important markets in the Western United States, as well as a wealth of bandwidth options. These other strategic markets also provide excellent disaster recovery options for your infrastructure.

    Los Angeles Has an Abundance of Colocation Facilities

    LA is home to over 50 data centers and 47 colocation facilities, with more than 200 megawatts of multi-tenant commissioned power. A thriving colocation industry makes LA an ideal location for retail colocation. Los Angeles and its neighboring suburbs rank among the top ten data center markets in the United States. 

    As referenced above, the One Wilshire Data Center is a prominent colocation facility in downtown Los Angeles. Located at 624 South Grand Ave, this 30-story colocation facility is the world’s most densely connected building. One Wilshire serves as a primary interconnection point and fiber optic terminal for many data centers in LA. Clients enjoy a variety of services from the facility, including but not limited to the following:

    • 173,000 square feet of colocation space
    • Over 20 megawatts of mission critical primary power capacity
    • Excellent high density dark fiber connectivity
    • Robust network connectivity options including access to most Tier-1 communication carriers, as well many international carriers
    • 24 hours remote hands support and security

    An abundance of Los Angeles colocation services means a greater variety of service options and more competition for your business.

    Los Angeles Offers Great Cloud Connectivity

    Los Angeles is home to many thriving cloud service providers that service colocation providers throughout the city. Google Cloud has three availability zones in Los Angeles, making LA an excellent location for GCP customers.

    The wealth of connectivity options makes it easy for enterprise customers to find low-latency cloud on-ramps to providers, including AWS, Azure, Alibaba, Oracle, and Tencent. Edge computing provider Zenlayer is also headquartered in Los Angeles and offers fantastic cloud connectivity options to cloud providers in Asia and other global locations.

    Los Angeles Has a Diverse and Thriving Employment Base

    The Los Angeles metropolitan area is home to over 12 million people and growing. The city houses the world’s most acclaimed film and television industry, attracting millions of tourists annually. With a GDP of over $950 billion, LA is also home to other mature industries, including aerospace, bioscience, fashion, and digital media.

    Over 82% of Los Angeles’ population have broadband internet connections. Ubiquitous internet connectivity allows you to connect with customers quickly by leveraging colocation services in Los Angeles.

    Shipping and Logistics

    Los Angeles is also a shipping and logistics hub. The Port of Los Angeles is the largest in North America, covering 7,500 acres with a container volume of 9.3 million units. Annual cargo of almost $300 billion comes through the port of Los Angeles, mainly from China, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea.

    Directly adjacent to the Port of Los Angeles is the Port of Long Beach. The Port of Long Beach is the second largest port in North America by volume, with a container value of $180 billion annually. Combined, these ports make Greater LA the most important shipping center for goods to and from Asia. They also mean the Los Angeles area offers a well-developed logistics network of trucks and trains.

    The large shipping and logistics industry is a boost for customers looking for a Los Angeles data center, as it means more potential customers to service.

    Air Travel

    Los Angeles is easily accessible through two major airports: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Hollywood Burbank Airport (formerly called Bob Hope). Other nearby airports include Long Beach, John Wayne, and Ontario airports. LAX is one of the busiest airports in the world and serves as a central hub for international flights. It has direct flights to many global cities, making it convenient for businesses to travel.

    Los Angeles Has Abundant Green Energy To Foster Sustainability

    The average power prices in Los Angeles have steadily increased for the past five years. In 2022, LA residents paid an average of 25.7 cents per kWh, which is 57% more than the national average of 16.3 cents per kWh. The high cost of power is a drawback to colocation in Los Angeles, as it drives up pricing.

    That said, LA does offer clean power, thanks to the many green initiatives in the region. In 2021, California’s renewable energy sources accounted for 35% of the state’s total electric generation. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) delivered 60% of its power from carbon-free sources in 2022. These figures compare to a U.S. national average of 20% of power delivered via renewable energy.

    Los Angeles is clearly leading the way in green energy. This makes it an environmentally responsible location for your data center.

    How Can Brightlio Help With Los Angeles Colocation?

    If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient data center facility for your business, Los Angeles, California is a prime location to consider. If you are interested in colocation pricing for Los Angeles, or other global markets, Brightlio can help. With a well-vetted and global network of data center partners, we offer colocation solutions to fit your needs and budget. Whether you need rack space or cage space, we can help. Many of our partners will also include free setup for new customers.

    As a telecommunication broker, our services are free to you, and there is no charge to request a quote. Brightlio is vendor-neutral. Our comprehensive service portfolio makes us an ideal partner for all your technology needs, including bandwidth optionscloud solutionsSD-WAN services, security, and unified communications. We can also help you source other services like dedicated servers (as small as single server), DDoS protection, and complete redundancy solutions.

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