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Albuquerque Data Center colocation

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    From Desert to Digital: The Rise of the Albuquerque Data Center Market

    In the heart of the American Southwest, nestled between sun-scorched deserts and the majestic Sandia Mountains, a digital transformation is unfolding. The Albuquerque data center market is emerging as a beacon for colocation services, drawing technology companies with its unique blend of geographic advantages, infrastructure growth, and affordability.

    Are you interested in colocation in Albuquerque? Join us as we explore the Albuquerque data center market together!

    Albuquerque colocation

    Albuquerque Offers Advantageous Geographic Positioning

    Albuquerque’s central location presents a compelling advantage for data center customers. The city is located in the Southwestern United States, along the east/west I40 freeway, and the north/south I25. It’s central location makes it an excellent bridge between the markets of Texas, the Mountain States, and California. From this location, an Albuquerque data center can service markets like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Dallas, and San Antonio. Beyond the U.S. border, Albuquerque’s southern proximity positions it as a gateway to the expanding market of Mexico.

    Unlike coastal cities perpetually under the threat of hurricanes, or regions along fault lines facing earthquakes, Albuquerque remains relatively insulated from natural disasters. This stability makes the city an appealing choice for data centers, as they require uninterrupted operations.

    Meta recognized the advantages of the region when they selected nearby Los Lunas, New Mexico, as a home for their $2 billion data center campus. The massive 750 acre campus will hose 3.8 million square feet of data center space. It will accommodate 30 data halls, each housing 3,200 servers.

    New Mexico data center

    Albuquerque is Affordable

    While Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Austin, and other renowned tech hubs continue to dominate headlines, there’s a quiet yet significant shift toward alternative cities for data center services. As advances in technology, like AI, drive record data center demand, enterprise customers are seeking alternate locations for their colocation facilities. Albuquerque stands to benefit from this trend.

    Albuquerque data centers offer a compelling energy price advantage. The city’s industrial electricity rate is a competitive 5.87¢/kWh, a notable 11.99% below the national average. As electricity prices are one of the top drivers of colocation pricing, lower energy rates lead directly to more affordable data center services.

    Commercial property prices in the city have been generally favorable, providing businesses—both global enterprises and startups—an opportunity to set up operations without the hefty price tags seen in more saturated markets.

    New Mexico colocation data center

    Albuquerque Offers Solid Network Connectivity Infrastructure

    Albuquerque is making a concerted effort to build robust network connectivity. The FiberCity initiative, at a cost of over $250 million, aims to bring fiber internet to every home and business. The service will offer up to 2 Gigs of symmetrical bandwidth, with the goal of expanding this to 10 Gigs in the near future. Installation began in early 2023 in Downtown Albuquerque.

    H5 Data centers recognized the advantageous connectivity in the city when they acquired the carrier hotel, 505 Marquette, in June 2022. The facility is one of Albuquerque’s most connected buildings. It features dark fiber from providers including Zayo, CenturyLink, Fasttrack, Windstream, and more.

    Albuquerque colocation pricing

    Leading Albuquerque Data Center Options

    If you are exploring Albuquerque colocation pricing, here are the highest quality colocation facilities we recommend to our clients. Contact Brightlio for data center quotes for these and other options.

    Oso Grande

    Oso Grande Technologies is a local data center provider in Albuquerque. Their data center is located near downtown at 725 6th Street.

    Why we recommend Oso Grande:


    Located at 400 Tijeras Ave NW, Cyxtera’s ABQ1 facility is a top option in the market. Centersquare is a global powerhouse in enterprise data center colocation and interconnection services. Boasting a formidable presence with over 60 data centers across 30+ international markets, they serve over 2,300 enterprises and U.S. federal government agencies. This Centersquare site was called Cyxtera until its acquisition and a company rebranding in April 2024.

    Why we recommend Centersquare ABQ1:

    • One of the top colocation facilities in the market with on-demand infrastructure and unmatched interconnection.

    • They offer data centers in other key markets including Atlanta, Northern Virginia, Phoenix, and Toronto, making them a great fit for companies seeking a national data center partner.

    • Carrier-neutral data center with nine on-network providers.

    • Market-leading disaster recovery for mission-critical tasks, particularly essential for the public sector, education, and healthcare.

    • A whopping 6 MW of both utility and generator power, paired with notable Energy Star certifications.

    New Mexico data center pricing

    H5 Data Centers 

    H5 Data Centers’ downtown Albuquerque data center is located at 505 Marquette Avenue NW. It boasts 225,000 square feet of colocation space across their two building data center campus.

    Why we like H5 Data Centers:

    • Tier III data center design aimed at mission critical workloads for Fortune 500 companies.

    • Their New Mexico site offers a high degree of data center customization and can be purchased as a powered shell.

    • H5 offers remote hands and a 100% uptime guarantee.

    • The site has thirteen on-net providers and access to the region’s top metro fiber providers.

    • They have a large geographic footprint, including locations in New York and Philadelphia.

    Brightlio Delivers Albuquerque Data Center Solutions!

    If you are looking for colocation services in Albuquerque, Brightlio is your ideal partner. As a telecommunications and colocation broker, we use our extensive connections to present competitive colocation pricing in Albuquerque and in other markets globally. Whether you’re looking for a single rack or a dedicated suite, Brightlio delivers solutions that meet your needs and budget.

    Beyond colocation, our expertise spans cloud solutions, network connectivity, advisory services, and comprehensive unified communications. This allows us to deliver a comprehensive technology stack for your business.

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