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Charlotte data center

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    The Charlotte Data Center Advantage: Colocation in the Queen City

    Charlotte, North Carolina, affectionately known as the Queen City, is rapidly emerging as a pivotal hub for data center services. The second largest city in the Southeast, Charlotte combines Southern hospitality with a forward-thinking, innovative business environment. The accent of the Charlotte data center market is fueled by a confluence of factors, including its strategic geographic location, robust infrastructure, competitive cost advantages, and a growing reputation as a financial and technological powerhouse. 

    The city’s commitment to sustainability and a thriving tech ecosystem supported by local universities and startups further cements its status as an attractive destination for data center investment. As businesses increasingly rely on digital infrastructure for their operations, Charlotte colocation services offer a blend of reliability, efficiency, and strategic advantages that are hard to match.

    Join us as we explore the many advantages of data centers in Charlotte, North Carolina!

    Charlotte colocation

    Charlotte’s Strategic Location

    Charlotte’s strategic location offers unparalleled geographic advantages for businesses operating in the Southeast and the entire East Coast. Nestled within a day’s drive of more than half the U.S. population, Charlotte’s position makes it a prime node for data connectivity

    The city is roughly at the midpoint between Atlanta, the largest city in the Southeast, and Northern Virginia, the largest data center market on earth. This proximity allows businesses leveraging Charlotte colocation services to connect with key markets efficiently and with reduced latency.

    Charlotte’s geographic advantages also extend to disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Being inland, Charlotte is less susceptible to hurricanes and coastal storms that can impact other parts of the East Coast, offering a safer alternative for businesses looking to minimize risk.

    Charlotte colocation data center

    The Financial and Banking Sector Influence

    Charlotte is the second-largest banking center in the United States, after New York. This positions it as a critical hub for the fintech ecosystem. This standing in the banking sector translates into a substantial demand for data center services prioritizing high levels of security, reliability, and adherence to stringent regulatory compliance standards.

    The demands of Charlotte’s financial institutions align closely with the strengths of local data centers. These facilities are equipped to meet the high-security needs and uptime requirements critical for banking and financial services. This alignment draws specialized data center providers to the area and helps cultivate a workforce skilled in the nuanced areas of finance, information technology, and cybersecurity.

    Additionally, Charlotte’s role as a banking powerhouse ensures a steady flow of investment into the local data center market. Financial institutions often require data processing and storage solutions that are secure and geographically proximate to their operations. This proximity enables faster data retrieval and processing, vital for real-time financial transactions and analyses.

    Data centers in Charlotte, North Carolina

    Robust Infrastructure and Connectivity

    Charlotte boasts a robust infrastructure underscored by high-speed fiber networks and comprehensive internet backbone connectivity, positioning it as a prime location for data center operations and colocation services. This advanced digital infrastructure ensures that businesses in Charlotte benefit from seamless, high-capacity data transmission capabilities essential for modern, data-intensive operations.

    The city’s connectivity is further enhanced by its access to multiple two internet exchange points: Ninja-IX Charlotte and Statewide North Carolina Internet Exchange. These IXPs facilitate efficient data exchange and lower latency for local and global businesses. This network of connectivity not only supports the immediate operational needs of businesses but also provides a solid foundation for disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

    A recent expansion by Deep Edge highlights Charlotte’s importance as a connectivity hub. Their new carrier-neutral facility connects long-haul and regional fiber networks from major telecommunications providers like AT&T, Lumen, and Zayo. Deep Edge’s customers include ISPs and hyperscalers requiring better connectivity.

    Charlotte colocation data center

    Charlotte Data Center Providers We Recommend

    If you are looking at data center solutions in Charlotte, North Carolina, below are a few of our preferred providers. For Charlotte data center pricing, contact Brightlio.


    Flexential operates two data centers in the region: Charlotte North and Charlotte South. Together they combine to offer 229,000 square feet of data center footprint and 5.66 Megawatts of power capacity.

    Why we recommend Flexential:

    • Charlotte is Flexential’s corporate headquarters and they have a demonstrated commitment to the region.
    • Their Charlotte data center campus is home to the Ninja-IX internet exchange.
    • Both data centers provide access to Flexential’s network of 41 data centers and carrier hotels. These are located in regional markets like Atlanta, Nashville, Raleigh, Tampa, and Jacksonville. Other major markets for Flexential include Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City.
    • Flexential delivers connectivity to public cloud service providers over their 100 Gbps network background. They also offer their own private and shared cloud services.
    • Both facilities have 24×7 onsite technical and security staff.


    Tierpoint offers two data centers in the Charlotte market. One facility is located in North Myers and the other is in Center Park. They combine to offer almost 100,000 square feet of data center space.

    Why we recommend Tierpoint:

    • They offer carrier-class, carrier-neutral facilities with redundant 10 Gig connectivity and cloud on-ramps.
    • Their facilities meet compliance standards, including SOC 2, HITRUST, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and NIST SP 800-53.
    • Their national data center footprint makes them a fit for a larger colocation strategy. Locations include Chicago, Boston, New York, Seattle, and Kansas City.
    Charlotte data centers

    Brightlio Delivers Charlotte Data Center Solutions!

    If you are looking for a Charlotte, North Carolina data center, Brightlio can help. We leverage our global network of colocation partners to deliver the right colocation solution for your needs and budget. We have deep relationships with providers in Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina, and can deliver colocation services across the Southeast.

    In addition to data center solutions, we also offer network connectivity, cloud, unified communications, value-added resale, and advisory services. This makes us an excellent partner for all of your technology needs.

    Brightlio is committed to being your most trusted and responsive IT provider. Get started on a path to your technology future today!

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