Carrier Hotels: An Inside Look

Carrier Hotel

In the interconnected world of the 21st century, the invisible networks that keep us connected to the web are often taken for granted. As we send emails, stream movies, and engage in video calls, we seldom pause to ponder the complex infrastructure that makes this possible. At the heart of these networks lie the unsung…

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Vonage vs. Nextiva: Selecting the Right UcaaS Platform for Your Business

Vonage vs. Nextiva

Introduction Businesses require communication solutions that facilitate internal and external collaboration. Hence, many companies now rely on Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Brightlio compares different UCaaS tools to help you select the right option for your business. This article compares Vonage vs. Nextiva based on various categories: cost-effectiveness, integrations, customer support, deployment, and performance. …

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8×8 vs. RingCentral: A UCaaS Comparison

RingCentral vs. 8x8

Communication is essential to business growth. In this age of remote work, unified communications is even more critical than ever. Brightlio understands this, so we regularly compare different UCaaS solutions to help our customers decide on the best solutions for their business needs. 8×8 and RingCentral are two of the largest players in the unified…

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8×8 vs. Vonage: Selecting the Right UCaaS Solution for Your Business

Vonage vs. 8x8

Introduction The UCaaS industry has proliferated post-pandemic. Many businesses have come to rely on UCaaS solutions for communication and collaboration. Choosing a UCaaS solution can be complicated, so Brightlio simplifies the process by comparing different tools to help our business customers find the perfect fit. One such comparison is Vonage vs. 8×8. Vonage and 8×8…

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8×8 vs. Dialpad: Choosing the Right UCaaS Platform

Dialpad vs. 8x8

Introduction Voice and video communication has never been more ubiquitous or important. The trend toward better communications tools is what is driving the rapid adoption of unified communications technologies. At Brightlio, we regularly compare the best business phone systems to find the ideal match for your business. Dialpad vs. 8×8 is a popular VoIP comparison, as…

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What is a Hyperscaler?

Today, an increasing number of businesses are embracing cloud-enabled technologies as a strategic means to enhance their service offerings and improve client satisfaction. Hyperscalers, in particular, are becoming increasingly prominent. These platforms can scale operations rapidly to meet the growing demand for data processing and storage. If you are considering venturing into cloud computing, colocation,…

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Point to Point Internet Explained

Point to Point connectivity

Many businesses are exploring more secure internet options to improve their cybersecurity posture. Point-to-point internet (P2P or PTP) is a more secure alternative to broadband. Point to point connectivity joins networks by creating a direct connection between them.  Point to point internet is increasing in popularity. The market is projected to hit $5 billion in 2023 from…

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Ooma vs. Vonage: Which UCaaS Solution is Best for Your Company?

Introduction Unified communications solutions offer substantial value. From a richer feature set to a lower cost of support and deployment, there are many reasons businesses are adopting UCaaS. There are also many solutions to choose from. Ooma vs. Vonage is a common comparison in the space. The benefits of using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)…

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Vonage vs. Google Voice: Choosing the Right UCaaS Solution

Google Voice vs. Vonage

In the past few years, many businesses have adopted unified communications services to enhance employee and client communication. Experts expect the industry to grow at a 21.6 % CAGR between 2021 and 2027. This growth rate could take the sector’s market size to 492.2 billion in 2027 from $124.9 billion in 2021.  Many business owners are moving…

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