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San Antonio colocation

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    San Antonio Colocation – Data Centers in Alamo City

    Are you looking for a reliable and efficient retail colocation solution for your business? San Antonio colocation services may provide exactly what you need. San Antonio data centers offer a compelling value proposition with affordable energy and excellent network infrastructure, attracting a growing list of providers.

    As of Spring 2023, only 1.3% of Central Texas’s 154.7 MW of data center inventory was vacant, according to CBRE. This makes it the second tightest market in the nation behind Northern Virginia. This article will explore why San Antonio data centers are in high demand. Let’s get started! 

    San Antonio Has a Reliable and Affordable Power 

    The average electricity rate in San Antonio is 12 ¢/kilowatt-hour (kWh), which is 8% lower than the statewide rate of 13.22 ¢/kWh, and 36% lower than the national rate of 19 ¢/kWh. As power is one of the primary cost drivers for data center services, the lower price of power directly impacts your price.

    Texas has a deregulated energy market, meaning many energy providers reside there. This increases competition. Providers include CPS EnergyOncorCenter Point, and TNMP. One of the largest utility providers in San Antonio is ERCOT. This independent system operator provides reliable power to over 26 million customers through 650+ power generation facilities and 46,500 miles of transmission lines.

    San Antonio’s pioneering approach towards energy conservation and renewable energy utilization has made it the only city in Texas with an Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF). Furthermore, the city’s government is committed to promoting renewable energy production and usage. Additionally, wind and solar comprise 47% of the data center market’s fuel mix, meaning a San Antonio data center also helps meet corporate sustainability objectives.

    San Antonio is a Leader in Connectivity

    San Antonio, TX is a city at the forefront of the technology industry, and it offers businesses access to cutting-edge network infrastructure. With a robust fiber infrastructure, San Antonio provides low-latency network access to global markets. 

    The city also boasts access to several internet exchange points (IXPs). SAT-IX is an exchange fabric in San Antonio. It offers domestic and international peering with port speeds up to 100 Gbps. FD-IX also has a node in San Antonio. This provides access connectivity and peering with other FD-IX locations, including across Texas, as well as Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Ohio.

    Furthermore, San Antonio has several major cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Microsoft operates a data center in San Antonio, giving businesses direct access to its suite of cloud services, including AzureDynamics 365, and Microsoft 365. As such, businesses can benefit from low-latency access to various cloud services, ensuring fast performance for their critical operations.

    San Antonio Occupies an Advantageous Geographic Location

    San Antonio is located in a central part of the United States, which is great for serving clients across the country. This geographic position also allows for more balanced latency and overall improved network performance for serving clients. Long haul network providers can connect your business to customers nationwide from a data center facility in the city. The location also makes San Antonio an excellent disaster recovery site.

    The city is also strategically located near other major metropolitan areas. It is within a three-hour drive of both Austin and Houston and is less than five hours away from Dallas. This makes the city an ideal hub for data centers serving businesses across Texas.

    Additionally, San Antonio lies just 2 hours away from the Mexican border, making it a convenient location for companies with operations in Mexico. If you’re looking to serve local and international customers, consider partnering with data centers in the city.

    San Antonio, TX also has a relatively low risk of natural disasters. San Antonio data center providers tout the city as being the safest in America to house a data center. It is the safest city in Texas as measured by natural disaster, crime, and financial risk combined.

    Leading San Antonio Data Center Options

    H5 Data Centers and CyrusOne are two of Brightlio’s preferred San Antonio data center providers:

    H5 Data Centers

    The data center operated by H5 Data Centers comprises 85,000 SF of colocation space across two facilities. The data center campus is in downtown San Antonio at 100 Taylor Street. It offers a Tier III design, SOC 2 Type 2 certification, and 24×7 security and remote hands.

    Why we recommend this site:

    • The H5 Data Centers campus is home to the SAT-IX, a carrier-neutral internet exchange. SAT-IX services carriers, cloud providers, and content delivery networks across Texas.
    • Home to 35+ carriers, including from Mexico.
    • Convenient downtown location and close to San Antonio International Airport.


    CyrusOne operates eight data center locations Texas, including three in San Antonio totaling 63 MW of total power capacity. SAT1 and SAT2 are located a few blocks from each other at 999 Westover Hills Blvd and 9554 Westover Hills Blvd respectively. They combine to offer 306,000 SF of data center space.

    The SAT5 facility at 14719 Omnicron Drive is CyrusOne’s newest data center in Texas. It boasts 18 MW of capacity and 175,000 SF of data center space.

    Why we recommend these sites:

    • Three facilities in the market offer choice of location and price points.
    • SAT5 is connects to both San Antonio Metro IX and CyrusOne National IX to provide with on-ramps to public cloud providers via Megaport.
    • CyrusOne offers a wide geographic footprint of colo sites including across the US, Europe and Asia, making them an excellent partner for global deployments.

    How Brightlio Helps with Colocation Pricing in San Antonio 

    Whether you are looking for a colocation facility in San Antonio, TX or in other markets, Brightlio can help. We partner with the best colocation providers in the nation to deliver data center solutions, including partial racks, full cabinets, cages, and private suites. We also offer business continuity solutions.

    Furthermore, as a global telecommunication broker, we offer additional IT services, including public cloud solutionsnetwork connectivity, and unified communications to help your business build a rock-solid IT infrastructure. We are committed to being your most trusted and responsive IT solutions provider.

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