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Ohio data center

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    The Ohio Data Center Advantage

    Ohio is an excellent market for colocation services. An Ohio data center offers a unique blend of strategic geographic positioning, cost-efficiency, and a supportive technological ecosystem. Over 100 data centers are located in the state, with a concentration in the key markets of Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. Google’s recent $1.7 billion investment in Ohio data centers, in addition to the more than $2 billion they have already invested in Ohio, further highlights the region’s advantages.

    This article provides a comprehensive overview of why Ohio is a premier destination for businesses considering colocation services to enhance their IT infrastructure’s resilience and performance. Let’s get started!

    Ohio colocation

    Benefits of Colocation in Ohio

    Strategic Location

    Ohio’s geographical positioning is a significant advantage for businesses targeting Midwest and Northeastern United States customers. In fact, 47% of the US population is within a 10-hour drive of the state.

    This strategic location reduces latency when serving a substantial portion of the U.S. population. This enhances the performance and accessibility of hosted services. The proximity to major urban centers and the crossroads of national internet backbones make Ohio data centers ideal for firms prioritizing speed and efficiency in their digital operations.

    Ohio’s resilience to natural disasters is a significant benefit for data centers within the state. Unlike regions frequently impacted by earthquakes, hurricanes, or severe coastal storms, Ohio’s relatively mild climate and geographical stability contribute to fewer natural disruptions. The minimized risk of natural disasters ensures higher uptime rates and enhances the overall reliability of Ohio data centers. 

    Cost Efficiency

    The cost benefits of choosing Ohio for colocation cannot be overstated. Businesses can enjoy considerable savings with lower real estate and utility costs than markets like California, New Jersey, and New York. This affordability extends to colocation services, where companies can leverage the state’s cost efficiencies to optimize IT spending.

    Ohio’s business landscape is characterized by policies supporting technology enterprises, including advantageous tax incentives and grants. These initiatives are designed to foster innovation and growth, making Ohio an attractive locale for in the tech sector, looking for a supportive environment to scale their operations. The state’s welcoming business climate is a significant draw for businesses contemplating colocation, providing a conducive backdrop for growth and development.

    Skilled Workforce

    The availability of a skilled workforce is crucial for the success of any data center operation. Ohio excels in this area. With a network of reputable educational institutions and specialized training programs, the state ensures a continuous supply of qualified IT professionals. This talent pool is a boon for data centers in Ohio. It enables them to maintain high service and technical expertise standards. For companies that depend on colocation services, the assurance of expert hands overseeing their infrastructure is invaluable.

    In conclusion, Ohio offers a compelling suite of advantages for businesses considering colocation services. From its strategic location to its skilled workforce, the state presents a well-rounded proposition that can meet the diverse needs of companies aiming to optimize their IT infrastructure.

    Ohio data center colocation

    Key Markets for Colocation in Ohio


    Tech Hub Status

    Columbus is Ohio’s largest data center market and the fifth largest in the Americas. It is rapidly emerging as a central figure in the tech world, distinguished by its vibrant startup scene and pioneering advancements in intelligent technology and health IT. This burgeoning reputation as a tech hub attracts diverse tech talent and startups, fostering an environment ripe for innovation and technological growth. The city’s commitment to technological development makes it an exciting place for companies looking to tap into cutting-edge tech and innovative collaborations.


    A key advantage for Columbus is its exceptional internet connectivity, underpinned by multiple internet exchange points. These include Ohio IX and the Columbus Internet Peering Exchange. This city is also home to cloud availability zonesfrom AWS and Google.

    This infrastructure is crucial for businesses running data-intensive operations, ensuring high-speed access and efficient data transfer. The city’s connectivity assets make it an ideal locale for companies whose operations depend on robust and reliable internet services, positioning Columbus as a top contender for data center colocation.

    Data Center Ecosystem

    Columbus boasts 39 data centers, which is the most in the state. This variety ensures businesses find tailored solutions that match their needs, from scalability to advanced security measures. The robustness of Columbus’s data center landscape provides flexibility and enhances competition, driving up service quality while keeping costs competitive.

    Columbus Ohio data center


    Economic Diversification

    Cincinnati’s economy is characterized by its diverse economy, including the finance, manufacturing, and health services sectors. Five Fortune 500 companies are headquartered here. This economic breadth provides a stable backdrop for data center operations, insulating them from sector-specific downturns. The diversified economic environment supports sustained demand for colocation services, underpinning a reliable and growth-oriented market for data center providers.

    Location Advantage

    Strategically located along the Ohio River, Cincinnati enjoys proximity to other major Midwest markets, including Indianapolis and Louisville. This geographical advantage is significant for businesses looking for a central location for their IT infrastructure, offering more accessible access to a broader market and supply chain efficiencies. Cincinnati’s position is a strategic asset for companies aiming to optimize their presence in the Midwest.

    Community and Support

    The city is known for its supportive business community and proactive local government initiatives to attract technology companies and encourage data center development. These efforts reflect a commitment to fostering a welcoming and supportive environment for tech innovations, making Cincinnati an attractive destination for colocation services.

    Cincinnati Ohio data center


    Industrial Legacy and Tech Innovation

    Cleveland’s transition from an industrial powerhouse to a hub of technological innovation, especially in health tech and biotech, marks a significant transformation. The city’s rich industrial legacy and its forward-looking embrace of tech innovation create a unique ecosystem where traditional manufacturing meets modern technology, fostering a dynamic environment for data centers.

    Research and Development

    The presence of leading research institutions, such as the Cleveland Clinic, spearheads innovation and collaboration in the city. These institutions contribute to Cleveland’s reputation as a center of medical excellence and provide fertile ground for technological advancements that colocation service providers and their clients can leverage.

    Network Infrastructure

    Cleveland’s commitment to bolstering its digital infrastructure is evident in its ongoing efforts to enhance network connectivity and reliability. These improvements make Cleveland a competitive choice for businesses prioritizing fast and reliable access to their digital assets. The city’s focus on building a robust digital backbone supports the needs of data-heavy industries, making it an appealing location for colocation services.

    Cleveland Ohio data center

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