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Montreal colocation

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    Montreal Colocation: Unveiling the Benefits of Canada’s Data Hub

    Montreal, in Quebec, is not just a cultural gem but also one of Canada’s largest and most vibrant technology markets. The city is transforming into a thriving data center hub in North America. With its growing population and robust economy, the Montreal colocation market is becoming a top destination for data centers.

    Montreal ranks as Canada’s top data center market and holds a place in the first top 15 in North America, housing over 30 data centers. Bolstered by Quebec’s hydroelectric resources, Montreal’s colocation offers operators resilience against rising energy costs. Explore this article and discover how Montreal data centers can meet your technology needs.

    Montreal colocation data center

    Affordable and Renewable Energy

    In Montreal, the allure of low electricity rates stands out compared to other North American cities. Commercial power rates are 5.33 Canadian cents per kilowatt-hour (3.95 ¢/kWh), a contrast to the 5.57 (4.13¢/kW) in Vancouver, 5.95 (4.41¢/kWh) in Toronto, and 10.60¢/kWh in New York. Montreal’s abundant hydroelectric power supply ensures cost-effectiveness and offers data centers a green and sustainable energy solution. This promotes eco-friendliness and significantly reduces operational expenses, making it an ideal choice for data center operations.

    Montreal’s partnership with Hydro-Quebec Electricity emerges as a game-changer. A staggering 99.9% of this power has its roots in renewable sources, carving a path for businesses in Montreal to slash their carbon footprints and reduce operational costs. Montreal’s dedication to hydroelectric power for data centers is a tangible step toward an eco-friendly future. By tapping into clean energy, enterprises lower costs while curbing their environmental footprint.

    Montreal boasts competitively-priced, clean energy, setting it apart from rivals. This unique blend of affordability and environmental responsibility positions Montreal as an attractive destination for data center providers looking to tap into renewable energy sources in the Canadian market.

    Montreal data center

    Reliable Colocation and Network Connectivity

    Montreal shines in IT with its vast fiber optic networks, strong data centers, and a diverse range of over 50 internet service providers. Its strategic geographical location positions it as a bridge between Europe and North America, allowing for rapid and resilient data transmission across continents.

    The city is also home to the Montreal Internet Exchange (QIX), one of the most significant Internet exchanges in Canada. QIX ensures that data traffic is routed efficiently, reducing latency and increasing redundancy. Furthermore, the dense presence of global carriers and local ISPs in Montreal ensures a diverse range of connectivity options. This extensive network infrastructure not only provides businesses with faster, more reliable connections but also enhances resilience against potential network disruptions. In a digital era where every millisecond counts, businesses colocating in Montreal benefit from a competitive advantage, fueled by a robust connectivity ecosystem.

    Montreal data center colocation

    Presence of Educated Tech Workers 

    Why should data center businesses consider Montreal? For starters, Montreal has become a magnet for tech talent. Within a year, this vibrant city attracted 959 tech professionals, underpinning Canada’s broader trend of drawing over 32,000 tech-savvy immigrants. With such a substantial influx of experts, colocation businesses can tap into a rich talent pool and knowledge, ensuring operations are top-notch.

    Montreal’s educational foundation provides a strategic advantage. With Canada’s renowned global education system as its backbone, Montreal boasts around 18,000 students enrolled in cutting-edge tech programs. These future professionals bring fresh perspectives and innovations to the table. For data centers, this means continuous access to skilled graduates proficient in the latest tech trends and advancements.

    No discussion of Montreal’s tech landscape is complete without mentioning its gaming prowess. Giants like Ubisoft have chosen Montreal for its creativity and tech acumen blend. As the gaming industry heavily relies on robust data centers for hosting, streaming, and more, Montreal’s expertise in this sector makes it an ideal location for colocation centers catering to this demanding niche.

    Montreal’s confluence of diverse tech talent, strong educational institutions, and specialized industries like gaming all signal promising prospects for data center businesses. With such a robust ecosystem, data centers have much to gain with what Montreal brings to the table.

    Colocation in Montreal

    Economic Incentives

    Montreal is rapidly emerging as an economic powerhouse, especially in IT. The Canadian data center market is on an impressive upward trajectory, predicted to expand from $3.32 billion in 2022 to $5.48 billion by 2028. The surging demand for cloud computing, big data, and IoT primarily drives this.

    The Québec government has rolled out tempting incentives to fuel large-scale investments. Among other sectors, data centers can benefit from a potential 15-year exemption from specific corporate taxes. Moreover, the R&D tax credit further accentuates the appeal, allowing companies to receive refunds even if they owe no taxes.

    A strategic location, coupled with Canada’s free trade agreements with all G7 countries, grants businesses in Montreal effortless access to primary markets. The city’s resilience shines through its low unemployment rate of 4.8% and its cost advantage for tech sectors—averaging 26% less than other major North American cities. Tech titans like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have anchored their presence in Montreal.

    Montreal stands out as a promising haven for entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries. Its diverse and resilient economy, bolstered by vibrant technological and creative sectors, promises a prosperous future for all businesses.

    Data centers in Montreal

    Montreal Offers Geographic Advantages

    The natural environment plays a crucial role when considering locations for data centers, especially for colocation operations. Montreal’s geographic position makes it a standout choice. The city is nestled away from common paths of major natural calamities, offering a stable environment conducive to uninterrupted operations.

    Though bordered by the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa rivers, potential flooding issues during the spring are localized and can be easily managed with smart site selection. Moreover, Montreal is relatively seismic-free, with earthquakes being a rarity, and those that do occur are typically mild. Additionally, the risk from hurricanes is diminished, and tornadoes are an infrequent sight.

    Montreal’s climate presents a significant advantage for data centers. With temperatures frequently hovering between 9°F and 79°F, and seldom plunging below -9°F or climbing above 87°F, the environment is ideal for efficient data center operations. The city’s prolonged cooler temperatures, especially during winter, mean a reduced reliance on traditional cooling systems, leading to considerable energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

    For businesses focused on colocation, the promise of a stable environment means consistent uptime and protection of critical data. Choosing a place like Montreal, with its natural advantages, provides an added layer of assurance in maintaining operational efficiency.

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    Leading Montreal Data Center Options

    Discovering top-tier data centers is crucial when exploring colocation pricing in Montreal. Below are some of our favorite data center partners in the city.


    Cologix boasts an extensive presence in Montreal, spanning around 1 million sq. ft. across 11 data centers throughout the city and its surroundings, including the primary carrier hotel. These robust connectivity options also empower businesses with seamless access to essential cloud resources. 

    Why we like Cologix:

    • Access to a diverse array of over 100 network service providers.

    • Direct links to major cloud platforms like AWS Direct Connect, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle FastConnect at select sites.

    • They provide Metro Connect services, offering active 100 Mbps/1 Gbps connections and passive waves (DWDM) between Cologix’s Montreal data centers.

    • Data centers in Tier 1 (Ashburn, Dallas, Silicon Valley) and secondary markets (Columbus, Jacksonville, Minneapolis) make Cologix a good partner for customers wanting to achieve geographic redundancy.

    Colo Montreal


    Located at 3000 Rene Levesque, Suite 200, Verdun, QC H3E 1T9, Centersquare’s Montreal data center is purpose-built for resilience. Serving key industries like aerospace, transportation, media, software, and engineering, this four-story facility ensures data continuity with redundancies and rigorous fire safety. This Centersquare site was called Cyxtera until its acquisition and a company rebranding in April 2024.

    Why we like Cyxtera:

    • They offer a spacious data center covering over 8,400 sq. ft.

    • Their facility draws power from a robust 1.6 MW of utility and generator power.

    • Enjoy connectivity through 7 unique network service providers and interconnection services a nearby carrier hotel.

    • Benefit from over 180 kW of UPS capacity for reliable power backup.

    • Experience ultra-low latency under 3ms, with direct connections to top cloud service providers such as AWS, Microsoft, and Google.

    • The company maintains a presence in 29 global markets, with 61 data centers in operation, including Chicago and Los Angeles


    Equinix strategically situates its data centers at 6205 Vanden Abeele Street, St-Laurent, QC, CA, H4S 1S1, and 3500 Rue F.-X.-Tessier, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec, Canada, J7V 5V5. They provide convenient access to a rich service provider and business ecosystem. 

    Equinix Montreal is an ideal hub for the retail colocation, cloud, and technology sectors, offering extensive network services from local and international providers.

    Why we like Equinix:

    • Their data centers, serving 80% of Canadian businesses, are strategically located just 370 miles from New York, ideal for Canadian enterprise needs.

    • Experience smooth connections with top Cloud Service Providers like AWS, Google, IBM, and Microsoft, linked via a major internet exchange point.

    • Benefit from low-latency connections to New York and Toronto, with as little as 7.2 milliseconds of lag.

    • Exceptional security and remote hands services.

    • Support for higher power densities.

    Colocation data center in Montreal

    Brightlio Delivers Solutions for Data Centers in Montreal

    If you are considering Montreal colocation solutions, Brightlio is here to help. Esteemed as a top-tier telecommunications and colocation broker, we harness our vast network to provide competitive colocation pricing tailored for Montreal’s market. From individual racks to custom suites, Brightlio paves the way for premier providers to meet your needs.

    Our expertise doesn’t stop at colocation. Additional services include cloud solutions, network connectivity, advisory services, and unified communications. Partnering with Brightlio ensures a comprehensive tech suite to bolster your enterprise’s growth. We are committed to being your most trusted and most responsive IT partner.
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