Calgary Data Centers: The Rising Star of North America’s Market

Calgary data center

As businesses increasingly depend on digital infrastructure, the choice of location for data centers becomes critical. Calgary, traditionally known for its oil and energy sectors, is now gaining prominence as a significant player in the North American data center market. Located in Alberta, a province known for its stable economy and favorable business environment, Calgary…

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Vancouver Data Centers: Colocation in the Pacific Northwest

Vancouver data center

Vancouver, British Columbia, is Canada’s third largest city, with over 2 million residents. A Vancouver data center offers a strategic advantage for businesses and tech enterprises, thanks to the city’s advanced infrastructure, stable climate, and favorable regulatory environment. These factors contribute to a reliable and sustainable data center ecosystem, attracting local and international companies seeking…

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Singapore Colocation: Your Gateway to Asia’s Thriving Digital Economy

Singapore colocation

As Asia’s digital economy flourishes, it is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to have a data center presence in the region. Singapore colocation stands out with its unique strategic location advantages, global connectivity, and a business-friendly environment. Singapore ranks fifth in the Asia Pacific Region’s data center market, boasting nearly 1,000 Megawatts of capacity. The projected data…

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The Ohio Data Center Advantage

Ohio data center

Ohio is an excellent market for colocation services. An Ohio data center offers a unique blend of strategic geographic positioning, cost-efficiency, and a supportive technological ecosystem. Over 100 data centers are located in the state, with a concentration in the key markets of Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. Google’s recent $1.7 billion investment in Ohio data centers, in…

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Cincinnati Colocation: Innovation Meets Strategic Location

Cincinnati colocation

Cincinnati colocation services are emerging as a premier choice for businesses seeking to bolster their IT infrastructure. Nestled in a strategic geographic location, Cincinnati offers unique advantages, including robust connectivity, cost-efficiency, and access to a skilled workforce.  This article explores the benefits of Cincinnati colocation services, demonstrating how they serve as a cornerstone for companies…

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The Charlotte Data Center Advantage: Colocation in the Queen City

Charlotte data center

Charlotte, North Carolina, affectionately known as the Queen City, is rapidly emerging as a pivotal hub for data center services. The second largest city in the Southeast, Charlotte combines Southern hospitality with a forward-thinking, innovative business environment. The accent of the Charlotte data center market is fueled by a confluence of factors, including its strategic…

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Data Centers in Maryland: Innovation in The Old Line State

Data centers in Maryland

Introduction In the heart of the Mid-Atlantic, Maryland is a pivotal player in the digital revolution. Data centers in Maryland serve as the backbone of a rapidly evolving technological landscape. Baltimore is the largest colocation market in the state. Baltimore data centers offer a unique blend of strategic geographic positioning, advanced infrastructure, and a thriving…

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Hillsboro Data Centers: Colocation in The Hub City

Hillsboro data center pricing

The demand for reliable and efficient data management solutions is at an all-time high. Hillsboro, Oregon, has emerged as a prime location for these services. Cushman & Wakefield ranked Portland / Hillsboro as North America’s top data center market in a tie with Northern Virginia.  What is driving Hillsboro data center demand? The area boasts robust infrastructure,…

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Pittsburgh Colocation: Data Center Solutions Forged in The Steel City

Pittsburgh colocation

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, known for its industrial heritage, has emerged as a strategic hub for colocation services. Pittsburgh colocation offers numerous benefits driving growth in data center services. These include a unique blend of robust infrastructure, a strategic location, reliable energy resources, and meaningful cost advantages. Join us as we explore the many advantages of colocation…

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