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Secaucus data center

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    Secaucus Data Centers: Why New Jersey’s Hidden Gem is a Smart Choice for Colocation

    Secaucus, New Jersey, stands out as a prime locale for businesses seeking to harness the benefits of colocation services. With its proximity to the heart of the financial world in New York City and an established reputation for robust infrastructure, the Secaucus data center scene offers unparalleled advantages. 

    This introduction delves into why Secaucus, NJ, is increasingly recognized as a critical hub for colocation services. It presents a compelling case for businesses aiming to scale, enhance security, and ensure operational continuity in today’s competitive market. Let’s get started!

    Secaucus colocation

    Strategic Geographic Location

    Secaucus, New Jersey, is strategically positioned to offer businesses unique advantages. It’s just a few miles away from New York City, one of the world’s largest economic and financial hubs. But it’s not just about proximity, it’s about the benefits it brings. It offers businesses real-time access to financial markets, ensuring minimal latency in high-frequency trading operations without the associated costs and congestion. 

    Moreover, nestled in the Northeast Corridor, Secaucus is a hub of major transportation and connectivity routes. This includes close proximity to major markets like Washington, D.C., Boston, and Philadelphia. This makes Secaucus a prime node for national connectivity and access to international markets. These advantages, among others, have driven a significant 70% increase in businesses choosing Secaucus for their colocation needs.

    Connectivity and Network Ecosystem

    Secaucus is a bustling nexus for network connectivity, boasting an ecosystem rich with significant ISPs, cloud service providers, and digital content networks. Numerous carrier-neutral data centers enable businesses to secure the most efficient and cost-effective connectivity solutions, fostering a competitive marketplace for network services. Furthermore, the availability of peering exchanges within these facilities enhances network performance and resilience, allowing for direct and efficient data exchange paths between different networks.

    Secaucus boasts direct access to cloud nodes from major public cloud providers including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM. Secaucus data centers also offer connectivity to major international markets. This includes fiber from Secaucus to Toronto’s largest carrier hotels. Equinix also delivers low-latency connectivity to London via subsea cables.

    Secaucus data center colocation

    Cost Efficiency

    Choosing Secaucus for colocation services comes with significant cost advantages. Compared to the exorbitant costs associated with real estate and operations in nearby New York City, Secaucus offers a more affordable alternative without sacrificing quality or accessibility. Additionally, New Jersey offers various tax incentives and economic development programs aimed at technology and data center operations, further reducing the total cost of ownership for businesses that decide to colocate in the area.

    Legal and Regulatory Environment

    New Jersey’s legal and regulatory landscape notably supports technology companies and data center operations. The state has enacted policies that promote data security and privacy, ensuring that businesses operating within its borders can benefit from a framework that respects and protects the integrity of digital information. For data centers in Secaucus, this means operating in an environment that encourages technological innovation and provides a stable legal foundation for growth and development.

    Data centers in Secaucus

    Secaucus Data Centers We Recommend

    Below are a few data centers Brightlio recommends in Secaucus, New Jersey. For Secaucus colocation pricing, contact Brightlio.


    Coresite’s NY2 Secaucus campus is located at 2 Emerson Lane. The data center boasts more than 236,000 square feet of space.

    Why we recommend Coresite:

    • A wealth of connectivity options plus access to Coresite’s Open Cloud and Any2Exchange.
    • The data center is located above the 500-year floodplane to ensure reliable connectivity.
    • Connectivity to other Coresite locations, including Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Atlanta, and Miami.


    Equinix offers nine data centers in the New York and New Jersey area, including four in Secaucus (NY2, NY4, NY5, and NY6). This gives Equinix a number of options to meet your New Jersey data center needs.

    Why we recommend Equinix:

    • They are the global leader in data center services with a facility in most major markets.
    • Their facilities meet multiple compliance requirements including SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27000, and NIST.
    • Their state of the art, highly secure data centers serve interconnected organizations including media, content delivery networks, financial, and enterprise.
    • Low latency connectivity to cloud providers via the Equinix Exchange.


    Centersquare offers colocation services for New York and New Jersey from their campus at 15 Enterprise Avenue. The data center offers over 150,000 square feet of space and 12 Megawatts of power.

    • Numerous network service providers on net, and point to point connectivity to other Centersquare regional data centers. 
    • 99.999% of historical uptime and 750 kW of solar power onsite.
    • Centersquare has data centers in other key markets, including Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, and Phoenix. This makes them a fit for a national colocation strategy.
    • Cloud enable campus via Megaport.
    Secaucus colocation pricing

    Brightlio Delivers Secaucus Data Center Solutions!

    If you are looking for a Secaucus data center, Brightlio can help! We leverage our network of colocation partners to deliver the optimal data center solutions for your needs and budget. In addition, we offer cloud, connectivity, unified communications, and value-added resale solutions. This makes us an excellent fit for most technology needs.

    Get started with Brightlio today!

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