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    What Is An MSP in Video Security? – Part 2

    Join Brightlio and The Boring Lab for Part 2 of our video series “What is an MSP in Video Security and Why Should I Care?” In this episode, Brightlio’s Founder & CEO, John Minnix, and The Boring Lab’s Founder & CEO, Ronen Isaac cover a number of managed services-related topics including:

    • A deeper dive into the MSP business model
    • The core component of an MSP (people, tools, and processes)
    • The challenges of a traditional break/fix service model
    • The difficulties in scaling a break/fix services business
    • How the managed services business model improves scalability
    • How a managed services practice will help you build a more valuable business
    • How managed services increase customer loyalty
    • The challenges of building an MSP practice including staffing, defining a service catalog, and potentially pausing growth while implementing new business processes

    Check out the video here:

    If you would like to engage Brightlio’s Managed Services Consulting services, contact us today. We love helping organizations make the transition to becoming MSPs. Brightlio can help you build a more scalable and valuable business with better outcomes for your customers.

    Additionally, we offer Data Center Consulting services, unified communicationscolocationnetwork connectivity, and public cloud services. We look forward to partnering with you!

    If you enjoyed this video, please check out Part 1 of the video series.

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