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Sao Paulo colocation

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    São Paulo Colocation: Powering Brazil’s Digital Growth

    São Paulo, Brazil’s largest market, is the powerhouse of Brazil’s economy. São Paulo is home to over 22.6 million residents. It ranks as the largest metropolitan in South America and the fourth-largest city in the world by population. Large content providers and other global technology companies are adding points of presence in the city, boosting the São Paulo colocation market.

    The benefits of a data center in São Paulo are numerous. Leading connectivity makes it an excellent option for digital media services and financial enterprises. A commitment to clean energy also helps deliver on corporate sustainability goals. Join us as we explore the benefits of São Paulo data centers.

    Sao Paulo data centers

    São Paulo is an Economic Powerhouse

    Brazil is South America’s largest data center market, with 152 data centers. São Paulo is one of the largest and most dynamic economic centers in Latin America. As the financial heart of Brazil, São Paulo is home to the headquarters of major banks, multinational corporations, and a plethora of businesses across sectors, each with unique data storage and processing needs. This concentration of economic activity drives the demand for colocation services.

    The city’s business environment is further enriched by its vibrant startup ecosystem, which is among the most active in South America. Colocation data centers in São Paulo cater to this burgeoning need by providing secure, high-performance environments that facilitate the growth and digital transformation of these businesses. Moreover, the presence of a broad range of international firms in the city underscores São Paulo’s role as a crossroads of global business activity. This international dimension adds to the diversity of the client base for colocation services.

    Sao Paulo colocation data center

    São Paulo is a Global Connectivity Hub

    São Paulo is a key connectivity hub in Latin America, making it an ideal location for businesses seeking access to global networks. Its advanced infrastructure links to numerous submarine cables and telecom networks, ensuring high-speed connections within Brazil and key regions like North America, Europe, and other parts of South America. This connectivity is vital for businesses relying on cloud computing, e-commerce, and international communication, making São Paulo a strategic choice for firms aiming to tap into markets in countries like Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and the United States.

    São Paulo offers two cable landing stations at Santos and Praia Grande, which terminate subsea cables. Seabras-1 connects New Jersey directly to São Paulo. SAm-1 spans over 25,000 kilometers. It connects major Latin American cities, including Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Fortaleza. SAm-1 also connects to North American Markets like San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Boca Raton, Florida. Finally, Google has invested in its cable system, Firmina, connecting Brazil to Uruguay, Argentina, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

    Data centers in Sao Paulo

    São Paulo Offers Sustainable Data Centers

    In an era where climate change is a pressing concern, São Paulo’s data centers are not just about technological prowess but also about sustainability. Many facilities are adopting green practices, like using renewable energy and implementing efficient cooling systems, reflecting a commitment to a sustainable future.

    One example is Scala Data Centers’ new SGRUTB05 facility. This hyperscale data center has a total power capacity of almost 9 MW, and operations exclusively on renewable energy. The facility is air-cooled and meets LEED standards.

    Additionally, colocation in São Paulo aligns with the city’s eco-friendly initiatives. Colocation providers often participate in local recycling programs and contribute to urban green projects, enhancing the city’s sustainability goals. For businesses, partnering with a sustainable colocation provider reduces operational costs and boosts their reputation as environmentally responsible, resonating with the values of modern consumers and stakeholders.

    Data centers Sao Paulo

    Challenges with Colocation in Brazil

    There are a few challenges with operating in Brazil, these include high import taxes on equipment especially fully assembled servers that are brought into the market. Finding an IT service provider to help rack your servers, provide routine onsite assistance such as part swaps and parts replacement services is going to be difficult without the proper connections. Don’t expect these services to be included for free!

    Leading Colocation Providers in São Paulo

    Below are a few colocation providers Brightlio recommends in São Paulo, Brazil. If you need São Paulo colocation pricing, contact Brightlio today. We can price options for these providers and more.


    EdgeUno delivers edge connectivity and colocation services across Latin America. They have 47 data centers and growing. They have two data centers in São Paulo.

    Key Benefits of EdgeUno:

    • EdgeUno has one of the biggest footprints in Latin America, with data centers in 12 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico, and more. This makes them a great fit for a clients needing services in many locations.
    • Focus on edge connectivity services makes them a fit for media, gaming, and financial applications.
    • They offer other value-added services, including bare metal servers, VPS, public cloud connectivity, and metro wave.


    Equinix operates 5 data centers in the market. SP1 is in the heart of the city with the richest connectivity. Many customers seek Equinix SP1 to get the lowest latency access to , Brazil’s premier internet exchange point. is also available in Equinix SP3, making it a great secondary option due to the limited capacity in SP1.

    Key Benefits of Equinix in Brazil:

    • Global reputation and local presence: Equinix is renowned worldwide for its reliable data center services and connectivity access.

    • Strategic location and connectivity: Their data centers in São Paulo lowest latency connectivity to internet exchanges, cloud service providers, and the São Paulo Bovespa stock market.

    • Certified for global standards: Their data centers meet the highest environmental, compliance, energy management, and operational standards.

    • Equinix managed services can assist with companies that do not have infrastructure operations in the region.

    data center Sao Paulo

    Digital Realty

    Digital Realty entered the Brazilian market by acquiring Ascenty, a leading provider of data center services in Brazil. They operate 23 facilities with a combined 335MW of power and over 223,000 square feet of data center real estate in the São Paulo market.

    Key benefits of Digital Realty:

    • Built to suit development from a portion to the entire data center.

    • Carrier-neutral provider that offers interconnection services to numerous carriers and cloud service providers.

    • With 23 data centers in the region, there are a lot of locations to choose from.

    • DRT offers high-density colocation services, perfect for AI, cloud, and similar workloads.

    Colocation Sao Paulo

    Brightlio Delivers São Paulo Colocation

    If you are exploring data centers in São Paulo, Brazil, Brightlio can help. Brightio is a telecommunications, cloud, and colocation broker. We leverage our expertise and our global network of colocation partners to provide data center solutions that meet your needs and budget.

    Additionally, we offer cloud, network connectivity, unified communications, value-added resale, and advisory services. This allows us to offer a complete technology solution for your organization.

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